Dadaji’s Teachings and best CBSE School

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With schools near me and you closed for the time being, children are spending more time with family than ever. In a family with working parents, the role of the Dadaji is of utmost importance, especially because of the bond he shares with grandchildren and his valuable teachings. Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda, teaches its students to respect their grandparents and realize the value they can impart in grandchildrens’ lives.

Dadaji is not only the head of the family, he has a key role in moulding grandchildren’s minds so that they go on to become adults whom everyone can be proud of. Although schools near you will teach your child about money via arithmetic lessons, Dadaji is the best person to teach them why it is important to save money.

In leisure times, Dadaji tells his grandchildren highly imaginative stories from mythology and elsewhere which lights the flame of their imagination, opening their minds to creativity and new ideas. It perfectly complements the syllabus-mandated literature of the best CBSE schools and schools near you.

Even when it comes to schoolwork, Dadaji helps out his grandchildren by encouraging all academic and non-academic work which helps boost the children’s confidence. It inspires them to excel, despite the pressure of studying in the best CBSE school or the finest school near them.

The most important lesson that Dadaji imparts is something which no school near you can teach your children. It is something that Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda, holds in very high regard. Dadaji talks about his childhood and his life’s experiences which help his grandchildren anticipate problems in their own lives. It gives them the courage to face their hurdles head-on.

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Why is best CBSE school near you right for you?

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With admissions open in schools near me and you, it is natural to wonder where one should enrol their child to ensure their success in future. Read on to find out why you should admit your child in the best CBSE school of your region, such as Aparnaa World School in Jharsuguda

You should choose the best CBSE school since CBSE has a huge range of subjects to offer. It enourages students to explore the topics and knowledge which interests them. The best CBSE school & most schools near you affiliated to CBSE have subjects related to politics, entrepreneurship, accounting, biology etc. which help create a sound foundation for further education. Art and world affairs, as well as the study of foreign languages are encouraged to prepare CBSE students for a holistic life, wherever they choose to live and work in the future.

As admissions open in schools near me and you, we must remember that CBSE is a centralised board with over 21 thousand schools in India and over 200 abroad. Every child in these schools studies the same, extensive syllabus which not only sharpens their mind but helps them develop skills that people learn only after substantial work experience.

So let’s stop wondering and decide to enrol our children in the best CBSE school in the region. If you live near Jharsuguda and looking for schools near you where admissions are open, look no further than Aparnaa World School, which happens to be the best CBSE school in the region.

Tips to Increase Concentration of your Child

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Increase Child Concentration

Concentration is an important part of any work done in life. Without concentration, the perfection of the work is lost. Thus, developing the habit of a concentrated approach in children is a very important thing to do. Therefore, we have come up with the following list to Increase the Concentration in a Child.

  1. Proper Sleep
  2. Emotional Stability
  3. Diet
  4. Exercise
  5. Sports

Proper Sleep

Sleep is really necessary for young children. They have to sleep a minimum of 10 hours a day. So, make sure that they get a peaceful sleep. Also, avoid any kind of lights in the room as it disturbs the deep sleep of a child. With that make sure that the children are really comfortable in their beds.

Emotional Stability

Teaching a child to control his/her emotions is really important. This helps the child to stay concentrated on a task even though they are emotionally disturbed. This helps a lot in increasing concentration in the child.


Diet is an important part to increase the concentration of your child. So, their diet should have all kinds of nutrients & minerals. Also, the food has to provide enough every for the child to survive his/her day.


As the growth of the brain depends on mental exercises, we should concentrate on that. Furthermore, we can use mental games too. This in turn will boost the concentration of the child. This will help a lot to increase the concentration in the child.


Sports have many benefits. Both physical & mental. With sports, the child will get to know to strategize. This will help the child in concentrating on multiple things at the same time. Thus, help to grow their concentration in return.

11th std admission in a school near you

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When a student appears for his 10th std exam, his focus is to understand the subjects and score the best to get admission in a school near him. When admissions open for 11th standard in schools near him, schools should welcome him for being a model student.

But how will a student decide which school is the best for him? What factors should he consider before deciding to take admission in a school near him?

Although admissions open for 11th std in all schools after 10th std is done, a student must ensure that the school will help him adequately to make him ready for higher secondary and life after school. A school should have regular classes to teach important concepts, conduct remedial classes, as well as provide coaching for their entrance exams (NEET, JEE, etc).

At Aparnaa World School, we provide the students valuable lessons and guidance that shall help them score high marks and succeed in life. We don’t encourage rote learning, and hence we conduct extra classes to revise and repeat the subjects taught in class.

Before you decide which school near you will be best for you or your child, you must consider Aparnaa World School. Our admissions are open; you can talk to our teachers, attend a demo session, know how important education is to us and how we can help your child excel in life.

CBSE Admissions for 9th std in schools near you

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Admissions for 9th standard are open at Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school near you in Jharsuguda.

Students who were previously in the 8th standard have cleared their exams and are set to begin their 9th standard. This is the most crucial phase of their school life, since the upcoming board exams will set them on their chosen career path.

Admissions are open for the 9th standard in most schools near you, but you must choose the best CBSE school for your child so that they can perform according to their highest potential.

Every student needs personal attention and a comfortable preparatory environment during this part of their school tenure. Aparnaa World School is the best CBSE school near you to provide that to your child.

Aparnaa World School allows only 25 students per batch so the teachers can give equal focus and time to each student. Apart from regular classes, the best CBSE school near you also conducts remedial classes to clear doubts and increase the students’ confidence in subjects they are weak in.

At Aparnaa, we strongly believe that students must be comfortable and healthy in all respects to do their best in the CBSE board exams. We take care of our day boarding students round-the-clock and make sure they eat 3 healthy meals every day.

Boon of Online Studying

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Most CBSE and other schools, whether near or far from Jharsuguda, have stopped physical classes due to the rising curve of Covid-19 infections around India. Even the best CBSE school in the region, Aparnaa World School, has adopted the policy of conducting school education through online classes only.

Online schooling is the safest option for our students right now. Of course, there are many benefits to online studying as well, and we have devised the best methods to make Aparnaa’s online school experience a smooth one for both our students and their concerned guardians.

Apart from the element of safety, students are generally more comfortable in a home environment, which helps them study and perform better. Students are not only encouraged to study according to their CBSE syllabus, they are also inspired to explore arts, crafts and games from the comfort of their online school. The flexible home study times help our students learn their lessons in a relaxed and more focused manner.
In order to give our students personal attention as well as proper monitoring, two teachers conduct Aparnaa’s online sessions. One teacher has the responsibility of teaching while the other makes sure that discipline is maintained among the students during online school classes.

Aparnaa World School gives every guardian an informative planner with a schedule which helps them keep track of their ward’s academic progress at the best CBSE school in and around Jharsuguda.

Advantages of home tutoring when CBSE schools near you are teaching online

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The Covid situation has forced every school near you to conduct online classes only. Aparnaa World School perfected the idea of online home tutoring during last year’s lockdown.

The two major challenges of online home tutoring is maintaining the quality of education and ensuring discipline. Since students cannot attend school, however near or far they may live from it, we made sure that students do not forget the seriousness associated with classroom learning. Thus, in order to neutralize the distractions at home, Aparnaa follows a fixed schedule of classes which students have to log into wearing proper school uniform.

We encourage our students to pick and stick to a corner of their house when attending online home tutorials and not study from their beds. We believe it is best to teach a single subject in a day and students be given requisite homework.

Not one but two teachers are involved in online home tutoring. One teacher has the onus of teaching while the other’s duty is to maintain discipline. Even though the students are nowhere near their school, they get a slice of the school experience since compulsory and timely attendance is taken for every class. The online sessions also get surprise visits from the Principal. This not only makes home tutoring akin to classroom learning, it also gives a nearly school-like feel to Aparnaa’s online classrooms.

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The best way to prepare for your CBSE exams

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The CBSE class X exams have been cancelled and the class XII exams have been postponed. Even the best CBSE schools near you, such as Aparnaa World School, has gone back to online classes.

The COVID situation has robbed students of the best way to prepare for their CBSE papers – by going to school (whether near or far) and learning from teachers and fellow students in a classic classroom environment.

At CBSE affiliated Aparnaa World School, we teach our students to make the best of every situation. Now that regular classes has been cancelled in every school near you, it gives CBSE students more time to study and prepare on their own before the most important exam of their life.

The first thing to remember is the duration and format of the CBSE papers. Within a timespan of 3 hours, students have to answer a set of multiple choice questions as well as several general ones.

Like we tell our students in school, rote learning is not the best way to approach a CBSE paper. Students should instead emphasise on understanding concepts. They will come across important keywords that help define the concepts. The best way to score nearly perfect marks in CBSE and make one’s school proud is to use the keywords in the original answers, which can only be written once the concepts are crystal clear to the students.

You can practice on some sample papers :



Business Studies



Mother-Teacher at Aparnaa World School

Mother – Teacher at Aparnaa | What is it?

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When you hear a school teacher being addressed as ‘Mother-Teacher’ in Aparnaa World School, you would have a bubbling curiosity to understand what exactly does it mean! Why are the pre-primary students at Aparnaa World School addressing their school teacher as ‘Mother-Teacher’?

At Aparnaa, we understand that a child only absorbs academic lessons and skills when they are in a comfortable environment. With the school opening date near, we wanted parents to understand how much we, especially our school teachers, care for the tiny-tots in our pre-primary section.

Every small child is used to only one mother. So at Aparnaa, schools near me, we decided to have one dedicated mother-teacher in our pre-primary classes who will teach the tiny-tots all the subjects throughout their academic year. Everything from academics, competitions to extracurricular activities at Aparnaa, schools near me, are taken care of by the mother-teacher assigned to each class.

Our tiny-tots feel comfortable around their mother-teacher which encourages them to open up to them with their doubts, which are cleared immediately. There is no apprehension of approaching the teacher, because we don’t have a typical ‘school teacher’ at schools near me Aparnaa’s pre-primary classes. Instead, there is the mother-teacher who treats all her children with great love and care.