Impact of Food on Health

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Food is a vital part of human survival. Proper eating habits can make us really strong & healthy. Also, improper eating habits & nutrition can impact the body in a negative way. So, in the following article, we will discuss the impact of food on the health of the children.
Components of Food:
  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the energy provider for the body. Having enough of carbohydrates in the body makes sure that the body doesn’t lose weight while the body is working. But, there is a demerit of carbohydrates too. If consumed in more amount than required, the body stores it as fat. This is the reason why people get obese with pizzas, chips, cold drinks, etc.
  • Proteins: Proteins are a vital component of food. They have a role in body repair. Protein is an important building block of muscles, bones, skin, cartilage & blood. Protein is needed in a modest amount for body repair. The body produces ammonia to break down the proteins. High amount of proteins can make you sick.
  • Fats: Dietary fats are essential for the body to give it energy & it supports cell growth. Also, fats are essential to absorb some vitamins &  minerals. It also helps in the production of some hormones required by the body. Overeating fats can clog your arteries & they can block the flow of the blood to the heart creating heart problems.
  • Fibers: Fibers are known as digestive helpers. They help the digestive system of our body to work properly and absorb all the required nutrients, vitamins & minerals. Eating a lot of fiber can upset the stomach & lead to sickness.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: The vitamins & minerals are complementary to our immunity system. They help the immune system fight diseases & keeping the body healthy and fit. Without them taking care of the body can be a headache. Also, more of these can lead to many medical issues including poisoning.

We at Aparnaa World School, one of the best residential schools in Odisha, we take care of the nutrition of the children. This helps in a steady physical & mental growth. We track the impact of food on the students as well.

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Fight the Monsoon Illness

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“Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy, and hopeful.”

The monsoon season has arrived and with the pandemic lingering around the health of children is of the most priority. So, being one of the best k-12 boarding schools in India, we decided to come up with some dos & don’ts to keep children at the top of their health to fight the monsoon illness.


  • Maintain Hygiene: Hygiene is the most important part of staying healthy. Children should be encouraged to wash their hands regularly, at least for 20 seconds. Further, they should be advised to stay away from sick individuals.
  • Exercises: Exercises are a great way to keep the body strong & the immunity high. Being a CBSE School in Jharsuguda, we highly encourage physical activities. Guide the children among different exercises like calisthenics, walking, running, dancing, yoga, etc.
  • Strengthen your Immunity: One of the best precautions for illness is higher immunity. Make the children understand their immunity. They are to be encouraged to do exercises, yoga & eat healthily. Also, advise them not to get drenched in the rain.
  • Good Food: Food is an important component of staying healthy. The food should have a good mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins & minerals. Healthy food gives the immunity system a boost to fight with the illnesses.
  • Sleep Well: Sleep cycles are really important to the body. It gives the body the essential rest. Sleep for 6-7 hours every day helps in keeping the body healthy & agile. The sleep should not be disturbed in the middle. Make sure that the children are cozy & comfortable while they are sleeping.
  • Clean Clothes: Rainy season has the most humid climate. Humidity & wetness are responsible for many viral & bacterial infections, especially on the skin. Take care of the clothing of the kids as they will not mind wearing wet clothes & playing. Avoid them to get wet in the rain too. This will help them fight the monsoon illness.


  • Avoid Sick People: Students are to be asked to keep a safe social distance from sick people. Children’s immunity is weak at this time of the year. They will have a good chance to contract the illness.
  • Don’t Eat Outside: Roadside stalls for food should be avoided by any cost. Being one of the top schools in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School guides its children to adhere to well-cooked food. We also make sure that the students stay away from the packaged food too.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes & other insects are the main carriers of viruses & bacteria. So, the children should avoid going out in the evening for playing. Also, if they go out they could use insect repellent lotions.
  • Don’t Touch Face & Nose: An average human being touches his/her face almost 40 times an hour. In this pandemic situation, this could be a real threat to the health of the children. They are to be trained & advised not to touch their face & nose.
  • Getting Drenched in Rain: While getting drenched in rain can be fun for almost all the children of the world, but getting wet in rain makes the immunity go down. This, in turn, will have less effect in fighting back the disease causing germs, viruses & bacteria.

So we would like to advise all the students of Jharsuguda schools & others, to follow these simple steps to avoid falling ill. At last, we can say that enjoy the monsoon but be careful about your health too.


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boarding school in Odisha

Experience makes the difference in child’s development.

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The  Aparna World Schools is recognised as one of the best boarding school in Odisha. Our teachers are certified in early childhood care and education. That gives them the specialised skills to help every child in learning process.

As the best private boarding school in Odisha we have effective skills for working with young children. We communicate with them at their level of practice that is rarely found in any boarding school in Odisha. 

Among top boarding schools in Orissa we know every child is unique. Hence teachers help children to learn at their own pace. Aparnaa World School takes best care about the progress and well-being of every child in the classroom. 

How Aparna World School a Private Boarding school in Odisha is playing a specialists role :

Table Manners of UKG students of city campus and main campus with our Director Mam , Principal Mam and Teachers of UKG in dining hall. Total number of students 47. As a best boarding school in Orissa Aparna World School firmly believe learning development of your child. Our methodology includes gaining speaking & listening skills, thinking skills, problem-solving skills and the ability to read and write. We believe your child learns through everyday experiences and gets engrossed in knowledge. 

Though a boarding school in Odisha Aparna World School  gives your child the right balance of life skills. As the top private boarding school in Odisha we have initiatives and best practices. Like Speak, Motion Based Learning (MBL), Learn2Play and Dance- Music that gives your child an environment of the top boarding school in Odisha. 

We are different from other Private boarding schools in Odisha. Our teachers shoulder the responsibility as best boarding school in Orissa to create a classroom environment that accepts supports and encourages all children. As the best boarding school in Orissa we understand a warm and responsive early child-care environment is crucial to the healthy development of your child.

As the top boarding school in Odisha we have experience it is during the early years, that a solid foundation is laid for your child that will function for the rest of the life. Our classes are different from different from other boarding Schools in Odisha.

Boarding Schools In Odisha

Importance Of English Language For Every Boarding Schools In Odisha

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Let’s face it. You may have graduated in engineering, you might have done MBA, MCA, or any other program, yet you are not going to get a good job until you are proficient in the English language! English is not our national language, but it has taken the status of our professional language. Though English Language very much important for every students on Boarding Schools In Odisha.

After our country got independence, the government then thought that it would slowly phase out the language, but that was not the case. It remained with us as an associated language alongside other languages. Strangely, this has resulted in the hybridization of English. Indian English is known as Hinglish and Pakistani English is known as Pinglish. They are known for their strange oddities.

With the advent of call centers and globalization in India, a new form of English called the neutral English had emerged. This is more close to the American English which is globally accepted. American English remains more or less the global business language now.

When we consider the state of English in India, there is a belief that English is transformative. It is a symbol of prosperity, better life, and a way out of poverty. With such a huge aspiration associated with the English language, teachers of English language face a lot of pressure.

How English learn better in School:

The language education in the Indian education policy is more or less defined by the constitutional mandates. The NCERT recognizes this need and says that “English is a symbol quality education.

The Central Advisory Board on Education decided that there would be three languages, the mother tongue/regional language, national language and English. It is implemented both in private and government schools; however, there is a difference in the quality of education.

Now, what this means to the students is that though students are good at their core subjects they do not get jobs as they don’t have proficiency in English. Moreover, English is learnt better in the school level than in later stages. This seriously hampers the employability of these students.

This poses a serious question to the English language training in our country. Parents have to consider this fact and have to make an effort to join their children in schools that impart good English language training.

Right from the stages of elementary education, every boarding schools in Odisha have to ensure that English language is given equal importance so that students are ready in later stages of life for jobs. Enrolment Desk is a proper platform for parents to find the best schools for their children. The academic year is approaching and it is the right time for searching for that perfect boarding schools in Odisha.

Boarding schools odisha

Build Better With Best Boarding Schools Odisha

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Get ready to watch them paint your kites and fly them high

Creativity and curiosity together help children build marvellous milestones in life. Providing them the right platform for the development in that direction is a must. If you have been wondering about the best boarding schools India then Aparna world school will definitely help you breathe in relief. The list on boarding schools Odisha is evident of how good is the curriculum and schedules of the school.  The kite paper pasting competition is a creative and new way to discover genuine talents in children.

Developing creativity and encouraging children

The best part of allowing your child to participate in these kite paper pasting competition is to allow the child to grow and understand the power of imagination. Despite infrastructural developments and availability of required skills boarding schools Odisha fall short of quality. Aparna world school is one of the very reliable and sophisticatedly maintained boarding schools Odisha. The school is experienced in handling students and ensuring a healthy mental, physical and moral growth of them. The kite paper pasting competition allows your child to reinvent and create colourful abstracts of a kite. This helps them in their learning by the step wise process. Unlike some other boarding schools India aparna world school has all necessary equipments to keep tracks of the overall development of all children.

Knowing your schools: research the boarding schools in India

The boarding schools India are all creating herds of sheep by obstructing natural growth and learning of children therefore knowing details of schools is important. It is difficult to have any one school that gives space for self realization as well as development in children. There are many well built and infrastructural plus points for boarding schools Odisha yet the quality of education is questionable. Thus entrusting the aparna world schools is not just safer but also wise.

Let children dream bigger and build better with best boarding schools Odisha

Come forward and join hands to secure life of our children by providing them the bests in everything at the most trusted boarding schools Odisha. It definitely has become a tough job to search the best amongst all the boarding schools India therefore what matters is reading reviews and researching as well before admitting the child into the school. The website and channels are great places to know about the top boarding schools India before any decision. Let them cut and paste paper kite for a better fly in future.

How Books Fairs Help Students in Achieving Career Goals

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Learning is a vital process in everyone’s life which facilitates their development. Particularly, students have to learn including academics, communication skills, and other life skills. To help the students in achieving more in the process of acquiring knowledge, Day schools and Boarding schools implement different strategies. Most common strategy among all those is – Book Fair which is a gathering of various kinds of various kinds of new and old books.

Book fairs are the exhibitions that hold especially books. These can be standalone events or can be part of a larger event to make new books available for the students. Book fairs offer numerous benefits to the students and help them in many ways throughout their journey of achieving academic and life goals. Books fairs hold a range of books of subjects such as poems, geography, novels, history, mysteries, arts and stories among others.

Many of the best educational intuitions organize Book fairs to provide students with a feast of books that can motivate them. Interested students can walk to the Books fair, browse through various books written by most famous authors and choose the topics that captivate them the most. Moreover, Book fairs offer the aspiring writers a decent opportunity for motivation towards their aim of becoming an author.

Book fairs will help them to learn the process of approaching publishers and publishing books. Some Book fairs will also let the students meet their favorite authors, interact and take suggestions from them. By reading various books written by different writers, students can discover new information, ideas and a way of thinking which will help them in solving problems. Consequently, the habit of reading books results in a sharpening of memory and enlarging the learning capacity of the student. Book fairs also let the students find books which are difficult to allocate or out of print.

Aparnaa World School has organized a book fair on August 11, 2018, to help the students find most interesting books which will help them learn new things. Book fair organized by boarding school brings together books enthusiasts, authors, and publishers and gives students an opportunity to interact with them.