The Culture of Learning at Aparnaa World School

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When Aparnaa foundation established the school in 2014, the goal was to bring reforms in the existing educational system providing a holistic education for the kids and young adults of Jharsuguda. A dream that started with an idea soon became the best day boarding school in  Jharsuguda in a very short time. Not just because of the knowledge it imparted, but a sort of cultural reformation that it introduced.

day boarding school in  Jharsuguda
We focus on the development of student’s individual interest and nurture them. This is what makes us unique from other.

Aparnaa World School become one of the best boarding schools for both girls and boys with its unique ideologies and comprehensive vision. The school brought international education standards and bridged the gap between classes. A revolution sparked in the western Odisha spreading awareness about the importance of education and value of knowledge. Aparnaa World School started a culture of learning give and take between the students and the masses.

day boarding school in  Jharsuguda, Odisha
Aparnaa world school believes and preaches the theory of education being the most powerful weapon to change the world.

What makes an Aparnaa World School unique and original are its ethics and core values upon which the school functions. Being one of the best day boarding school in  Jharsuguda, Odisha the learning process at AWS is a bilateral or bipartite process, which means the learning or the knowledge transfer is not only limited to students but also involves the teachers too. Students when exposed to many domains, their curiosity kicks in and knowledge base increases curating many questions and theories. This benefits the teachers and staff to understand and discover new aspects of learning to help their individual growth.

This culture of learning boosts the primary aim of the institution i.e. bringing reforms in the education field. When people come together, sharing the knowledge they grow and prosper. Aparnaa World School is the best residential school in Jharsuguda that is enabling the youth to unlock their hidden talents through continuous efforts and perseverance. The vision which empowers the Aparnaa Fraternity inspires others to join hands with the school and build better societies.