The best way to prepare for your CBSE exams

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The CBSE class X exams have been cancelled and the class XII exams have been postponed. Even the best CBSE schools near you, such as Aparnaa World School, has gone back to online classes.

The COVID situation has robbed students of the best way to prepare for their CBSE papers – by going to school (whether near or far) and learning from teachers and fellow students in a classic classroom environment.

At CBSE affiliated Aparnaa World School, we teach our students to make the best of every situation. Now that regular classes has been cancelled in every school near you, it gives CBSE students more time to study and prepare on their own before the most important exam of their life.

The first thing to remember is the duration and format of the CBSE papers. Within a timespan of 3 hours, students have to answer a set of multiple choice questions as well as several general ones.

Like we tell our students in school, rote learning is not the best way to approach a CBSE paper. Students should instead emphasise on understanding concepts. They will come across important keywords that help define the concepts. The best way to score nearly perfect marks in CBSE and make one’s school proud is to use the keywords in the original answers, which can only be written once the concepts are crystal clear to the students.

You can practice on some sample papers :



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