At Aparnaa World School, we are improving the quality of our school facilities which is planned according to the student and faculty comfort. Our school management is taking excellent care of the school and offering the modern educational facilities to the students and teachers.
Space and Classroom Size
The classrooms are more conducive to providing appropriate learning environments for students and associated with increased student learning and engagement. Classroom space is particularly relevant with the current emphasis on advanced learning such as ensuring the students can work in teams, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Creating private study areas and smaller learning centers reduce the visual and auditory interruptions and is positively related to student achievement and development.
Advanced Learning System of the School Facilities
Teaching in class is no longer restricted to chalk and talk lectures. The old teaching methods may not be interesting and attractive enough for today’s students. Our teaching faculty uses computer-aided visuals and lectures with the latest graphics modules. These teaching methods are enhancing the skills and talents of the students. The modern teaching methods are planned with the respect to reconfiguring seating arrangements to facilitate various modes of teaching and learning and the use of technology in the classroom as a model of teaching and learning.
Our Library is a verifiable Multimedia Centre with full internet connectivity computers for research, television, DVD and the latest audio-visual systems along with a treasure house of encyclopedias, multi-media CD ROMS, Videocassettes and CD’s for instant reference.
Science Laboratories
The facilities in school include seven well equipped Physics, Biology, and Chemistry laboratories which bustle with activity all day. These facilities offer the students with a perfect catalyst to the learning experience. The Science laboratories were built keeping in mind the needs of children in meeting the exacting demands of the CBSE syllabus. Regular checks and inspections are carried out and new equipment procured to ensure that our students have the best that is available.

We provide our little learners various resources to give a flip to their curiosity to learn

  • Concept-Based Class Room
  • Audio-Visual Arena
  • Video Library
  • Mind Lab, Language Lab & Creativity Library
  • Splash pool & Ball Kit