‘Aahaar’: Healthy nutrition for a sharp mind and strong body

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For every residential school across the country, parents mostly lookout for two foremost things before sending their children i.e. Academic excellence and quality of living. Quality of living if observed closely depends on a lot about the environment and nutrition provided. As children, at a very tender age learn to take care of their food and nourishment, healthy and nutritious food is essential for sustainability. AparnaaWorldSchool as one of the best day boarding as well as CBSE schools in Jharsuguda, Odisha that focuses a lot on healthy and hygienic food for its borders.

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Delicious Snacks Enjoyed By The Kids

We understand, that during the initial years as the children grow and learn a lot of things, they are also most likely to be exposed to a lot of bad eating habits and disorders like obesity, diabetes, etc. As one of the best boarding schools for boys and girls, AWS believes that healthy school food is one important way to mitigate the bad outcomes associated with nourishment and growth of children. Children come to school to learn and participate in different activities, so proper food and nutrition are a must need for them to stay healthy and fit.

Meals that taste good and contribute to the health of the students are given paramount importance as academics. As one of the best CBSE schools in Jharsuguda,Odisha  Aparnaa World School offers meals that are safely produced in a hygienic environment, using locally sourced ingredients. Every meal is nutritionally balanced under the guidance of an expert dietitian who keeps an eye over the quality of food. The food is outsourced by the best catering for private schools in Odisha that provides quality food to the students 4 times a day. As a part of effective and mutual grooming process the Aahaar servings are enlisted on the school’s official website where parents and guardians can see the menu offered and even suggest for improvements.

Aparnaa World School is the best day boarding school in Jharsuguda that encourages and advocates healthy eating at home when children learn and experience healthy eating habits at the school.