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cricket AcademyEducation is the key factor for development. Not only the education that we receive at schools and institutes, but also that we make ourselves learn through experiences and build our career, thoughts and decision-making capabilities. The best school in India educates your child not just from the books but through physical and mental training. The best way is through allowing the child to contribute to something great and succeeding in the path.

Sports play a major role in developing the character and personality of an individual while teaching them to work with a team. Let’s consider an example of Cricket. We maybe knowing the rules and play the game as we all do. But the reality is different to what we just see and understand. Cricket is a team which defends the opponent together. Each player’s contribution has calculated the success of the entire team. As already said, “Cricket is a gentleman’s game”. Yes, it does build’s the player’s decision-making skills and use his/her mind and thoughts to taste the success.

The same happens here at the International school in Odisha. At Akshara, we train students to become the best of them and teach them the hardship of teamwork. We understand the benefits of sports and utilize them to educate the students, make them efficient and effective while struggling the hardships of life. Having a persistent goal and working on it to succeed, is something that everyone should practice and understand its importance. A trained student is better at practicing such task.

One of the best International school in Odisha, at Akshara all the faculty and management team, encourages the children from a very young age to feel the competitiveness while working. Either in sports or in education or in life, we all need the taste of success. Understanding our core expertise and utilizing them in achieving the goal is what we train our students. And maybe academics is just a part of everyone’s life. The real education is not given through books but through experiences and actions.
Our school is a tree and every student is its fruit. We believe in the best outcome for every student of ours.


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Sports for all - boarding school in odishaIt’s always been said that children below 8-10 years are very sensitive and learn things faster. They learn what they see and listen. But, from ages, it’s also been said that children should play with their own age group as they can’t cope up with other age group children or it will be very depressing when they lose match against them. But according to researches, mixing up children of different age groups will make them confident, friendly, brave and fast learners.
Being a boarding school in odisha, Aparna World School believes that making them play all kind of age groups will make them learn things faster, brave, friendly and confident too. We feel that, it’s our responsibility to keep every child safe and disciplined. So, beside allowing them to play with their classmates, we make them play with other age groups due to which they can be guided properly.

Benefits of Mixing All-age group children

  • Confident – By mixing up different age group of children, the older ones become confident enough gradually. As they must guide or must teach their younger ones, they will learn things in detail before teaching their younger ones. Through this, some children can also know their goals.
  • Friendly – As the children will play with every one of every age group, they will slowly become friendly and social. Generally, children fear to ask doubts in class, but due to this practice the fear of asking anything will be decreased and can also speak with others.
  • Brave – Once children become confident and friendly, they will gradually will also become brave enough. Due to this, they can go and adjust themselves anywhere and can also help themselves when needed. Being brave will also make them independent.
  • Fast Learners – As said before, children those who are under 10 years learn things fast. So, by mixing up children, they will learn new things easily. Through this, process of learning will become more interesting for them. And when learning becomes interesting, reaching goals and success also becomes easy and interesting.

We make sure that every child gets a good guide due to which they can be stress free, friendly, social and disciplined. In fact, when they are guided by someone, they will also learn how to guide someone. In Aparna – the Cbse school in odisha you don’t only see good students, well-disciplined and well-mannered children can also be seen. Through sports we don’t only try to relax their minds but also make them ready to face outside world. We plan for their future.


A Healthy Body is a Temple For a Healthy Mind

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Aparnaa World School not only concentrates on education but also makes sure that every child of their school is physically and mentally fit. We encourage children to play and relax themselves. Among many, sports are common means of relaxing and sharpening the mind.

How We Make Children Ready

For any sport, body and mental fitness are important. So, we conduct daily warm up, competitions and matches. Among all sports, children favorite sport is Cricket. For that, we have large grounds and sufficient nets to practice. Besides, cricket we also give importance to other sports and games as well. As we make our children ready for final exams by conducting classroom tests, we conduct school level competitions for National and International level sports.

Preparing for a Sport

Before allowing children to play a sport, we explain them about the sport, its rules & regulations, precautions and its importance. Importance of each sport, advantages and how to use the provided kit is also being learned. If interested, one can also learn more about the sport from the provided coaches and books.

Importance of Sports

Through sports, children learn to become competitive, team spirit and social interaction. These qualities help a child be active, sharp and fit. According to many studies, a sport is not only for fitness but is also for building a friendly relation between teacher and student. Nowadays, everything is available online due to which children have stopped playing outdoor games. These leads to inactiveness, anti-social and illness. Through sports, children get a change for physical activities in their busy schedule which makes their mind relaxed.

Our Support

We make every child ready for future and makes sure that besides education, other interests of each child are taken care of. We work hard and make children plan to reach their respective goal. Children are taken care in all possible ways. Through sports, we help them attain a healthy body and a healthy mind. Some of the warm-up exercises include jogging, body stretching, skipping etc., to allow them the ease of getting ready to enjoy the game.