Online Education at Aparnaa World School

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We all aware the COVID-19 has resulted in schools shuting down all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of their classrooms. As a result education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of online teaching or online education during lockdown where teaching is done remotely and on online teaching platforms. So, in this Pandamic situation, schools of globe has adopted online classes to reach out to the students. Keeping in this mind Aparnaa World School has promoted online teaching through.

No doubt, it is different and difficult to teach the students through online teaching tools but it is the best way to communicate with students during this Pandamic period of COVID-19, so that the students may acquire sufficient knowledge having proper communication with their own class or subject teachers.

Aparnaa world School started with researching online teaching ideas to help out the students and parents by compiling the lesson- Note, Assignment & Videos of all the classes from class 1-12. Related videos of all the chapters have been linked so that the students have the clarification about the topic they are being taught. School has decided to send the work in phase wise. 1st phase work has been given in three parts. All the teachers helped the students daily from 9 am- 5pm through call or by WhatsApp to clarify the doubts of the students.

To check whether the students are working on the task or not, the school has given submission deadline date followed by marking system for the assessments. Hopefully, we achieved the result we expected. The submission of assessments were up to mark by the students. So, we decided to follow the same system until this crisis of COVID-19 period. Hopefully there will be some more changes to give the best to the students.

Now the school is planning to introduce Online streamed classes through Google Classrooms & Google Meet in which there will be direct interaction between the students and respective subject teachers. It is a free collaboration tool for students and teachers. Here, teachers will create an online classroom, invite students to class then create and distribute assignments. Teachers will monitor the progress for each student by receiving revision history of a document and after being graded, teacher will return work with comments.

The learning process is to be seen more effective by our school. Once the students and teachers are on the same platform, they can immediately work on the materials and instructions. So, Aparnaa world School will be planning some more convenient solutions to minimize any sort of miscommunication between the students and teachers to make sure that the result is effective.

Udaan (A Learning Camp by Aparnaa World School)

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Aparnaa World School had organized a camp ‘UDAAN’ for a one week. It was held from 2nd March to 7th March for classes I to VIII. The participating Aparnites had a wonderful time in the camp. They enjoyed fun filled activities and most importantly they learnt number of skills, which are very essential in day to day life.

“Health is Wealth” with this our Aparnites had showed a great dedication towards meditation. The breathing exercise helps them to gain peace. Suryanamaskar and breaking down postures help them to develop their concentration.

Aws had given opportunity for art and craft activity which helps us to instil a sense of achievement and pride in children ,boosting their self confidence .Through this a child will learn to make correct and effective decision by facing and solving artistic challenges. Our Aparnites had created a marvellous achievement in this activity.

Aws had organized and given more importance to dance education where the children can develop social relationship, particularly among gender and age groups. As well as dance promotes many of the personal qualities. Our Aparnites had showed a great enthusiastic interest in dance and made it wonderful with their rocking performances.

Exposing the children to music during early development helps them learn the sound and meaning of words . Dancing to music helps our children build motor skills. The performance that was done by our children was melodious and fabulous.
Our Aparnites are always confident to hon their skills. Aparnaa World School being the best CBSE school, had organized personality development classes where our children were complete each other to develop their schools.They developed much competitive spirit and through a outstanding look to the camp.

On the other side our children showed a great zeal in language enhancement classes where the children got an opportunity to develop their vocabulary , pronunciation, intonation which play a major role in present life to secure a reputed position in the society.Our Aparnites got an opportunity to develop fine motor skills and creativity by clay modeling.Our children prepared cat, tortoise,caterpillar,flower,snowman,butterfly etc which gave extra look to our camp. Through this clay modeling children improved hand –eye coordination.

No one can expect and provide the activity like pottery.Our Aparnites got an opportunity to learn and design the pot making, diya making etc and children had a good fun in learning this activity. Mathematics means mental exertion but Aws has made “Fun with Maths” and the children showed a great zeal to learn math with this activity. Through the activity our children learnt time management skill, attention which made easy to solve the problems.

“The first rule of courtesy is to have a good handwriting” keeping this into view Aparnaa World School has given opportunity to Calligraphy in Udaan Camp where children develop good handwriting and improve concentration in them.This also helps them to be more artistic and creative skills. The life based activity i.e Swimming was also organized in Udaan Camp.Keeping in mind about the safety of our little ones swimming was also given a vital role in camp. It is a all round activity because it keeps our heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress of our body, build strength, a healthy weight, healthy heart, lungs & mind.

Overall the event was fun & the children enjoyed the camp a lot.

For the high definition photographs, please click here.

One of the Best CBSE Affiliated School in Jharsuguda

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As a parent selecting a top school for your child will be a vital decision for you. With so many options, you have to find the right one to suit your child’s needs. Aparnaa World School is one of the best CBSE affiliated school in Jharsuguda, Odisha aims at providing the best quality education to the students.

Best cbse schools in Jharsuguda

Why select Aparnaa World School?

Aparnaa World School blends all modern methods of learning without ignoring the positives of conformist ways and focus on visual and application-based learning. We give proper importance to education and other activities for our students’ development.


Among all the list of CBSE affiliated school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School is one of the best CBSE affiliated school in Jharsuguda. Our school fees structure is normal that can be afforded by everyone and also we offer scholarship grant for our students.


For your child education location matters a lot.  Aparnaa World School location is at the best place for your child to stay away from any consequences. Everyone considers Aparnaa World School is the best CBSE schools in Jharsuguda.

Good Infrastructure:

A good school infrastructure with good environment makes it a good set for the children to learn and grow their careers. Our school has an importance on a child-friendly ambience, and activity and value-based learning facilities.

Teacher motivation:

Aparnaa World School offers qualified teachers and a curriculum that meets high academic standards. Parents can extensively add value to the development of the children and the school on the whole. We organize frequent Parent teachers meeting to ensure that teachers and parents work in cooperation for the child’s development.

Aparnaa World School has been the top choice among parents as the best CBSE Affiliated School in Jharsuguda. Our school not only stars all the above qualities but the school management and faculty team bring their broad educational experience to the school to provide the best education.


5 reasons why CBSE board is the best board of the country

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Are you confused about choosing educational boards for your child? Central Board for Secondary Education or CBSE is the national board of our country. It is divided into three stages, namely primary, secondary and senior-secondary levels. Aparnaa World School as the best CBSE School in Jharsuguda follows all the guidelines of CBSE board.

All major exams like IIT-JEE, AIEE, AIIMS, etc are conducted by the CBSE, so we are preparing our students for competitive exams by giving extra coaching classes. So, as a parent you should think carefully while choosing the best educational board for your children.

best CBSE schools in Jharsuguda

Choosing CBSE board is advantageous for many reasons. Here are the reasons why you should choose CBSE board.

5 advantages of studying in CBSE board:

  1. Recognition by India government:

CBSE is the national board of our country which is recognized by the Indian government. This means that the curriculums across ranks are arranged according to the parameter place by the Indian government.

  1. Easy approach of study:

In CBSE students are supposed to appear for only 1 question paper per subject as it follows a scientific approach. This relieves students can easily understand the subject and it reduces unnecessary pressure of exams.

  1. Syllabus design:

CBSE syllabus pattern is designed in such a way to prepare students for various entrance exams such as the IIT-JEE and AIIMS. CBSE follows the guidelines of NCERT across all subjects.

  1. Helpful in relocation:

If you are changing cities frequently in case of job transfer it may hamper your child’s education. But if your child is studying in a CBSE affiliated school, it becomes easy to change cities and easily get your children enrolled in a CBSE board school.

  1. Focuses on English and Hindi languages:

CBSE focuses evenly on English and Hindi languages and have mediums of education for both languages.

Choosing a right kind of school for your child is very important as it plays a vital role in the overall development of your child. So choose Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE School in Jharsuguda. For more follow our blog here.

School in jharsuguda

One of the Best School in Jharsuguda- Aparnaa World School

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Are you looking for the best school in Jharsuguda for your child? As a parent you may find it difficult to choose the best school for your child. As the best school in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School aims at providing the best facilities for overall development of your child.

best school Jharsuguda

Here you can find out why Aparnaa World School ranked among the top schools in Odisha:

Teaching methods

By understanding the importance of education for your child’s we have focused our efforts to map out the best schools in Jharsuguda. We encourage classroom interaction and friendly learning environment for better understanding. Special Tutorial Classes conduct by teachers to bring confidence in the students.

Quality Teachers

A good teacher can make all the development when it comes to students’ performance. We make sure to include this key point by providing well-trained and qualified teachers for your child. We are providing special Tutorial Classes conducted by teachers to bring confidence in the students.

Overall growth

Every parent wants their child to see in the top position whether it’s on academics or some other activities. Aparnaa World School gives equal importance to both academics and extracurricular activities for students overall development.

Past successes

Past result is the parameter to evaluate the effort the school has been putting for students’ development, when it comes to teaching and taking care of hundreds of students. While choosing the best school for your child you must look for the past result of the school.

Choose the best school to make your child the best

There are lots of schools in Jharsuguda which have good facilities, but among them, there are few which are able to give the best and proper facilities. These facilities will give your child a pleasant and secure environment to study and it will help them to grow their career. For all these Aparnaa World School providing you the opportunity to join your student in one of the best school in Jharsuguda.

For free career counselling or any help regarding education visit our campus today!


Why a Boarding School is important for Girls

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As the boarding schools offer a uniquely designed curriculum and give attention to different activities of the students, these are highly popular among the parents. Every parent wishes to offer the best education to their daughters, and they look for the best boarding schools for girls to help them in their educational and future career. In a boarding school, students get to learn more and teachers are available for them round the clock.

best boarding schools for girls

As the best boarding school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School prepares and develops the students in every aspect along with academics. Our students get the maximum amount of time doing some personality development activities and sports because we don’t allow mobile phones and other electronic gadgets which could divert them. We allow limited amount of guests to visit here and that too for a limited period of time.

Before choosing the best boarding schools for girls, there are some points that need to be considered:

  1. Safety and security are the main concern parents look for their daughter. Before choosing a boarding school for your daughter you must look for the tight security in and around the campus.
  2. Looking into the health of the child, boarding schools must follow proper hygiene if the health condition is not good, nobody could concentrate on their studies.
  3. A boarding school must have a well-behaved female staff to look after the girl students to understand their problems at any point in time.
  4. Check for the medical facilities provided by the boarding school during emergency.

Aparnaa World School is ranked as the best boarding school in Odisha. It provided all the facilities stated above for the girl students along with quality education. We provide training to our students in all-round development. If you are looking for the best boarding schools for girls, Aparnaa World School will be the best option for your daughter. For more details contact us here.

How to choose the best Residential Schools in Odisha

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It doesn’t matter how much research you have done or how much you are prepared when it comes to choosing the best residential school for your child, making a decision is quite tough. As you are going to leave your piece of heart, it is one of the difficult decisions for you. Looking into all your requirements, Aparnaa World School provide you the best residential schools in Odisha, that offers a holistic environment for your child to become a liable member of the society.

best schools in odisha

The most important adage to choose a residential school for your child is to develop interest in different skills such as painting, singing, dancing, sketching or playing some kind of sports. Before sending to the residential school, ensure that the children are enjoying the school atmosphere.

You should keep these few things in your mind before choosing the best residential schools for your child:

1) Gather information about the schools: Before you get your children enrolled in any school, find out all the facilities and education system offered by the school to make things easier for you and your child.

2) Visit the school: It is always important to visit the school with your child once to have a better understanding of the school and the atmosphere. Check out if the school provides special activities as per the interest of your child. To ensure your child’s safety you must also look for security in the school.

3) Infrastructure: Look the school infrastructure which matters a lot.  A residential school must provide a good library, play ground, theater room, good accommodation facility, healthy food, etc. which is important for the child.

4) Admission Fees: As the admission fees of a school may differ, it is an important point you should keep in mind before you choosing a residential Schools in Odisha.

5) Medical facilities: Look for the medical facilities provided by the school in case of emergency.

A child living in India can get the best residential schools in Odisha that makes a prerequisite for every requirement of an ideal school like Aparnaa World School. For more details contact us here.

best boarding school Jharsuguda

The Benefits of Vegetarian Diet for children

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Jharsuguda brags of esteemed educational institutions, both day boarding schools, and residential schools that are affiliated to CBSE boards. Aparnaa World School is the best boarding school in Jharsuguda. The school is proud to be a forebear and leading institution in the area of innovations in education, which makes it the best boarding school in Odisha.

Education is one of the important parts for everyone. When you are selecting a boarding school for your child think about all the areas in which you look after your child. When developing the school time table and system for students we think as apparent.

As a boarding school, one of our important focuses is on student’s nutrition. Aparnaa World School provides a hale and hearty nutritious vegetarian diet for the students. Switching to a vegetarian diet includes many health benefits like religious diktat and growing distrust around sanitation and growth-hormones among others. There has been progression in farming technology with current farming practices that ensures fresh fruits and vegetables to be available to people.

Best schools in Odisha

Aparnaa World School provides students a different variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and dairy products by considering their physical development. Studies have been shown that people who eat vegetarian diet have less of harmful fats and cholesterol than people who follow a non-vegetarian diet.

In the growing period, children need lots of calories to turn into energy. Research showing that, a healthy diet for children and teenagers include three full meals and two snacks including dairy products and fresh fruits.

best boarding school Jharsuguda

At Aparnaa World School foods are intended and prepared by specialized chefs under the supervision of nutritionists. Our school follows strict hygiene rules and that are thoroughly followed by the staffs. Looking into traditional model of eating together, all meals are served in the dining hall on time every day. We believe that spending time together over food also builds stronger bonds among the school union, which means that all of our students and staffs together to eat healthy meals that are nutritious to the body.

The result of this into all aspects of our students’ school life makes us rank high on the list of the best boarding school in Jharsuguda. Every year our students perform well in every field, like top ranks in academic result in exams, champion in sports, low illness because of proper care in the school. For more details contact us here.

Ways to ensure children Safety at Home or in School

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Parents worry about bullying, emergencies, and other creepy incidents while kids start critical development years. It is essential to take preventive measures to avoid dangerous situations. As the best school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School aims at providing all aspects of safety knowledge whether at home or in school.

Best high school in Odisha


As a parent, you are bound to be worried about your child’s safety, whether at home or outside.

  • Spend more time with the kids. Ask your children about their day and listen carefully, so that they can feel safer.
  • Create a virtual situation for your child and see how they would react if faced with a challenge.
  • Explain the difference between good touch and bad touch.
  • Taught them to beware of strangers in outside.
  • If the child is having any medical problem, inform about it to the school.
  • Inform your child to move in a group or with friends while walking alone or outside from home.
  • Children should remember their full name, home address, phone number.


While taking admissions for children, safety and security is the main fear for parents. Strict protecting security action helps keeping parents and students comfortable and secure.

  • It is important to create a safe environment in school where children can feel safe and learn and develop themselves.
  • All school staffs should be hired from authorized agencies with proper police verification.
  • Students should always in surveillance of CCTV cameras in school premises and security guards must be there every time.
  • Openness of outsiders to be limited or should be recorded.
  • Good security measures for swimming pool, fire safety, earthquake safety and electrical insulation safety are must be there at school.
  • Regular health checkups, filtered water, first aid box, separate girls’ and boys’ toilet must be necessary in the school.
  • Safety standards should be followed in the bus.
  • All school staff should know the name of the guardian of the student.

Aparnaa World School, one of the best schools in Odisha all concerned about the safety of children at school. Children safety is our top most priority. We provide safety related awareness activities for children, providing dual Identity cards, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, safe and secure school environment few makes the school an ideal safe place for the children. For more follow our blog here.


How can Day Boarding Schools make their Students Responsible Social Citizens?

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Apart from academic development, schools also have the responsibility of making responsible social citizens for the future generation. Making students socially involved facilitate them to become responsible citizens, and inspire them to work for the betterment of the society. Aparnaa World School, one of the best day boarding schools in Odisha, which aims in making responsible citizens to its students.

Boarding school in odisha, india

Here are a few proven ways, which Aparnaa World School includes in curriculum and impel students to become socially responsible citizens of tomorrow.

  1. Encourage participating in community and awareness programs

Aparnaa World School encourages activity-based learning where students learn directly by getting concerned with the subject’s related activities; participate in community and awareness programs. That inspires the students to chase the standards in their personal lives.  Students are involved in campaigns like cleaning, road safety, save water, education and so on. Such participation imposes their classroom knowledge and the practical knowledge becomes a motivator to learn and act more.

  1. Classroom discussions on social issues

The teachers educate the students about the right norms of the society are essential. But Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE schools in Odisha gives chance to students to share their views on social issues, conduct debate about that topic and form perspectives based on general opinion. We also encourage students through classroom discussions to feel involved in the course and start acting of their own decision.

day boarding school

  1. Volunteer for the society

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” is the best lesson any school can teach its students. To make it effective Aparnaa World School encourages students to volunteer in community activities. A simple way to involve students in these activities is allow students to teach underprivileged children in association with NGOs or from economically struggling societies. Through active volunteering, students fill their self-appreciation.

  1. Include projects in the curriculum that surround a social issue

Aparnaa World School conducts science exhibition that surround the theme of saving environment, the annual cultural program is based on the topic of personal safety and the recent social events. These activities build engagement with a deeper level of knowledge.

Education is about developing the abilities of wisdom and progressive. It’s present that Aparnaa World School is the best day boarding school in Odisha.