How a sense of ‘belonging’ at the school can uplift your child’s career

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Humans, as social animals have always strived to stay relevant with time and people by keeping themselves up with evolution. Being important to someone or belonging to something have always been associated with morale boost and healthy state of mind. Children when start schooling, step into a new head space with a lot of thoughts and predicates in their minds. Not being around parents, stranded from extra attention, change of behavior and ambiance etc. can affect them a lot. When they receive proper attention, nurture, care and encouragement at an institution they feel warm and comfortable. They don’t feel alienated and indulge themselves in a process of holistic learning; at Aparnaa World School we take care of it.

best school in Jharsuguda

Best School in Odisha

Being one of the best schools in Odisha, AWS understands the importance of physical and mental balance and how it can affect an individual. How good and friendly behavior can promote positivity among children and also how lack of it can also hamper their growth. Children when start spending most of their productive time at schools rather than their homes they tend to pick up their likes, dislikes, opinions and interests from their surroundings and peers which all most shapes their personalities in the long run. They make friends, get into activity groups, sport teams etc. which feels like a small community to them where they feel loved and supported. Such values help in establishing a sense of belonging at the school and keep children involved in self-development pursuits. Its uplifts their mood, kindles their interests and relaxes at the same time helping them build better careers.

top boarding school in Jharsuguda

As a top boarding school in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School is doing its bit to make schooling more insightful, enjoyable and memorable. Students here enjoy a homely environment which feels like being a part of one giant family. Negative behavior like bullying, peer pressure, etc. are deeply condemned and discouraged to keep values and morality intact. Boarders in hostels are treated with utmost love and care provided with all basic amenities.

At Aparnaa, students truly feel like a second home where they can learn and grow in a safe environment.

A closer look at one of the best CBSE schools in Odisha

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best school in Jharsuguda

There are a few questions that every parent or guardian ponders upon when it comes to choosing a school for their wards. Which is the best school for my child? What makes an institution different than others? How much and how far can it contribute to the lives of their students? If such question crosses our minds, then…it’s just fine! It is always good to ask questions, to look out for the best while shortlisting and framing a decision, especially when about your child’s future. So, throwing a little more light on the importance of choosing a good institution I will take you through a closer look at one of the best CBSE schools in Odisha – ‘The Aparnaa World School’.

  • Quality of Education The foremost thing to look for in a school is the quality of education imparted at its classrooms. Learning in true sense is only possible when a child enjoys the process rather than spoon-fed information. Aparnaa World School does an exceptional job by delivering knowledge in best possible ways. Friendly teaching staff, class ratio, interactive learning etc. Add up to the holistic process.
best CBSE schools in Odisha
Aparnaa world school offers the latest educational methods to each and every of its students and prepares students for success as change-makers of the future.
  • Attention to detailsWhen parents send their child to any school, the fear of missing out or not getting enough attention always prevails. It may be quite common in every other generic school, but not at AWS. With a very balanced student is to teacher ratio of 15:1, the school gives enough space for each and every student to learn and grow at their own pace. Individual attention is given to every child so as to unlock their hidden potentials.
best CBSE schools in Odisha
Parent-teacher meeting
  • Co-curricular – If we talk about the all-round development of a child, it’s incomplete without extracurriculars. Knowledge and education not confined to books and notebooks anymore. A child can learn about the true aspects of life when he/she is indulged with different activities like games and sports, art, dramatics, etc. AWS as one of the best boarding Schools Odisha gives equal importance to co-curricular as an indispensable part of education and in fact encourages its students for their active participation.

best CBSE schools in Odisha
Aparnaa World School gives equal importance to co-curriculars as an indispensable part of education and in fact encourages its students for their active participation.
  • Values & Etiquettes –   No human being is a man/woman of culture and poise without his/her etiquettes and values. Beliefs and values frame one’s ideology and opinions that build a person’s character and behavior. Therefore, at Aparnaa World School values & etiquettes are given much importance from a child’s initial year. Students are taught to respect their elders and value their morality and traditions.

Table Etiquette: A Culture at Aparnaa World School.

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In the world culture, Table Etiquette is a basic knowledge that a person should have. We at Aparnaa World School, one of the best CBSE schools in Odisha, make sure that our students learn it early in their life.

So, here is a glimpse of how the tiny tots of our Pre-Primary division are trained, early in their life.

Show of Hands: The children show their hands, implying to have washed them.

August 02, 2019: The students of Pre-Primary Division of AWS are encouraged to practice good Table Manners/Etiquette so that they have this good habit for whole of their life.

Following are some of the things taught to them:

Clean Hands: The Students are encouraged to clean their hands before eating.

Napkins on Lap: They are instructed to put napkins on their laps before they start eating.

No Talking, While Eating: No talking while eating is a strict policy followed by the teachers.

Chew with Closed Lips: The Children are guided to keep their mouth shut while eating.

Elbow off the table: They are asked not to keep their elbows on the table.

Fork & Spoon: Fork & Spoon are must at the table.Children are made to get acquainted with them from a very early age.

Sit Straight: They are trained to sit straight while having their food.

Please/Sorry: The Students are made to say ‘Please’ while a request & ‘Sorry’ if they make a mess.

Use Dustbin: They are instructed to use the dustbin to through away any garbage generated while eating.

By doing this, we make sure that they are brought up in the world culture & the best manners.

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Aparnaa World School Spotlight: Classrooms that inspire to excel

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word – ‘classroom’? …A chalkboard, few wooden benches, some students and a teacher scribbling alphabets on the board. Well, that may have been a valid definition few years ago but not anymore. Today classroom learning is not limited to four walls and a roof as things are changing radically, for the good. The process of learning is getting more inclined towards the experiences and experiments based learning than textbooks and notes. As a part of this massive shift, Aparnaa World School, one of the best residential schools in Jharsuguda has been setting up bright examples to follow.

A classroom is a place which builds character, intelligence, behavior and imagination of a student molding him as a responsible citizen of the country.

Aparnaa World School’s serene and green campus boasts a world-class infrastructure that inspires to do more. A large campus of 14 acres, ergonomically designed for high productivity and greater mobility. As one of the best school campuses in Odisha, the school is a large cluster of interactive classrooms, play areas, work courts, amphitheaters, etc. Which makes learning a multilevel process. Here the classrooms are defined by the walls rather by the environment they set. For instance, outdoor activities like sports and dramatics encourage discipline and confidence in a student, more effectively and practically in comparison to a textbook. 

Aparnaa World School
Aparnaa World School’s serene and green campus boasts a world class infrastructure that inspires to do more.

However, generic classrooms integrated with all modern tools boost the exchange of knowledge. The school’s classrooms are functionally designed to increase concentration and sustain interest in the discussions. With a student is to teacher ratio of 25:1, each and every student gets maximum space and scope for interactions, discussions and engagements. Aparnaa World School is undoubtedly the best boarding school for boys and girls in Jharsuguda that allows students to contrive and explore new frontiers of knowledge inside, outside and beyond the classrooms.

As a school, we aim at equipping our students with better skills and vision so as to grow as leaders of tomorrow. A classroom is a place which builds character, intelligence, behavior and imagination of a student molding him as responsible citizens of the country. We, at AWS hold a vision to create such environments around us and influence more lives doing that.

Day Boarding School in Odisha – The Culture of Learning at Aparnaa World School

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When Aparnaa foundation established the school in 2014, the goal was to bring reforms in the existing educational system providing a holistic education for the kids and young adults of Jharsuguda. A dream that started with an idea soon became the best day boarding school of Jharsuguda in a very short time. Not just because of the knowledge it imparted, but a sort of cultural reformation that it introduced.

Day Boarding School in Odisha
We focus on the development of student’s individual interest and nurture them. This is what makes us unique from other.

Aparnaa World School become one of the best boarding schools for both girls and boys with its unique ideologies and comprehensive vision. The school brought international education standards and bridged the gap between classes. A revolution sparked in the western Odisha spreading awareness about the importance of education and value of knowledge. Aparnaa World School started a culture of learning give and take between the students and the masses.

standard boarding school education
Aparnaa world school believes and preaches the theory of education being the most powerful weapon to change the world.

What makes an Aparnaa World School unique and original are its ethics and core values upon which the school functions. Being one of the best private schools in Odisha the learning process at AWS is a bilateral or bipartite process, which means the learning or the knowledge transfer is not only limited to students but also involves the teachers too. Students when exposed to many domains, their curiosity kicks in and knowledge base increases curating many questions and theories. This benefits the teachers and staff to understand and discover new aspects of learning helping their individual growth.

This culture of learning boosts the primary aim of the institution i.e. bringing reforms in the education field. When people come together, sharing the knowledge they grow and prosper. Aparnaa World School is the best residential school in Jharsuguda that is enabling the youth to unlock their hidden talents through continuous efforts and perseverance. The vision which empowers the Aparnaa Fraternity inspires others to join hands with the school and build better societies.

Breakfast Time

‘Aahaar’: Healthy nutrition for a sharp mind and strong body – Best school in Jharsuguda

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For every residential school across the country, parents mostly lookout for two foremost things before sending their children i.e. Academic excellence and quality of living. Quality of living if observed closely depends a lot about the environment and nutrition provided. As children, at a very tender age learn to take care of their food and nourishment, healthy and nutritious food is essential for sustainability. AparnaaWorldSchool as one of the best day boarding as well as residential schools in Jharsuguda that focuses a lot on healthy and hygienic food for its borders.

Breakfast Time
Delicious Snacks Enjoyed By The Kids

We understand, that during the initial years as the children grow and learn a lot of things, they are also most likely to be exposed to a lot of bad eating habits and disorders like obesity, diabetes, etc. As one of the best boarding schools for boys and girls, AWS believes that healthy school food is one important way to mitigate the bad outcomes associated with nourishment and growth of children. Children come to school to learn and participate in different activities, so proper food and nutrition are a must need for them to stay healthy and fit.

Meals that taste good and contribute to the health of the students are given paramount importance as academics. As one of the best CBSE schools in Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School offers meals that are safely produced in a hygienic environment, using locally sourced ingredients. Every meal is nutritionally balanced under the guidance of an expert dietician who keeps an eye over the quality of food. The food is outsourced by the best catering for private schools in Odisha that provides quality food to the students 4 times a day. As a part of effective and mutual grooming process the Aahaar servings are enlisted on the school’s official website where parents and guardians can see the menu offered and even suggest for improvements.

Aparnaa World School is the best day boarding school in Jharsuguda that encourages and advocates healthy eating at home when children learn and experience healthy eating habits at the school.

Monsoon & Plantation

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The rainy season is worshiped & the most celebrated season in India. The monsoon in India gives our crops water, cools our environment & gives the country relief from the intense summer that precedes.

The plants look beautiful in the season of Monsoon.

Aparnaa world school, being the best boarding school in western Odisha, has a tradition of planting tender plants at the start of monsoon. This tradition of ours helps us to keep our environment clean & healthy. The collection includes all kinds of trees, shrubs & plants.

Following are a few plants & their benefits:

Bottle Palm: Bottle Palm is also known as Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, is an attractive palm tree. The tree can grow to a height of 10-12 feet. The best feature of the tree is its arching leaves that can grow up to 10 feet, as long as the tree. They are suited for the warm climate like in Jharsuguda, Odisha, India.

They are lined in front of the entrance gate of Aparnaa World School, Jharsuguda, India. After they have fully grown, they will add to the beauty of the school.

Bottle Palm trees in the makeshift nursery for the time being. They will be shifted to their desired place after the trees are acquainted with the soil.

Mango Plants: The mango trees are the evergreen plants, which means that they remain a green whole of the year. They are tropical trees and can grow up to 35-40 meters, in height. Mango trees are reputed to live around 300 years, with the evergreen leaves it to produces oxygen like no other. It keeps the air rich in oxygen & bears the tasty delights, mangos.

These trees will clean the air in the school to keep the students healthy. These trees will do it for a whole of the year & decades to come.

Guava Plants: Like the mango trees, the guava trees are also evergreen. Slightly smaller in comparison to the mango trees, they are reputed to live for decades. These trees make the environment clean & hygienic. These tropical plants give us the Guava Fruit, one of a kind fruit that is cultivated all over India in every season.

These tropical trees will keep the air rich with oxygen. It can do it for the whole of the year & decades to come.

Collection of all the plants in our school.

Ficus Plants: Ficus Plants also know as Ficus Benjamina, mainly grows in the tropical forest ecosystems. Being a tropical plant it remains a green whole of the year. The Ficus Plants are considered auspicious in most of the world religions, symbolizing fertility.

These plants can grow into trees & with their evergreen property will produce an ample amount of oxygen 24×7 & 365 days. They will also add to the beauty of the school’s gardens, motivating the students towards a greener world.

Golden Dewdrop Plants: Golden Dewdrop also known as Duranta Erecta is a species of flowering shrub. They are native to South America & Caribbean. They are also known as Pigeon Berry or Skyflower. They are one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world bearing orange berries & pretty blue flowers.

They are lined beside the pathways, to lighten the mood of people walking by them.

Golden Dewdrops Plant.

Tecoma Plants: These plants are also known as trumpet bush, because of their looks. They are shrubs or small trees with very beautiful yellow flowers. They come in the vine family of plants, which means that they are creepers & they look really beautiful on the school premises.

The Conclusion:

The plants are an important part of our ecosystem & we at Aparnaa World School, respect that. We plant all these trees to help our ecosystem, environment & atmosphere. Following are the benefits of the mentioned plantation drive:

-They provide an oxygen-rich environment.

-They increase the beauty of the school, in turn keeping the students mentally sound.

-They take down the ambient temperature of the school.

-At last, they help in reducing the carbon footprint of the school.

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Best Boarding School: evolves with its students -Aparnaa World School

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How often do we see schools adapting to the latest trends in education to stay relevant to the present day learning standards? Well, the numbers will be significantly low. No doubt for every student, his/her school is the prime source of knowledge that lays a foundation and continues with him/her till the later ages, but with the changing times, curriculum and syllabus not getting an upgrade can really affect and moreover hamper the skill sets of budding students. Aparnaa World School, a day boarding school in Jharsuguda, Odisha is a one-of-kind institution that believes in the fact that change is the only constant and evolves through each and every step alongside its students.

day boarding school in jharsuguda
Boarding school in jharsuguda

It is one of the best residential schools in Odisha that adheres itself to the international standards for attaining competencies in education and provides a productive environment for learning. Students here are encouraged to explore new areas of interests that help in unlocking their hidden talents. Aparnaa World School keeps a tab on the latest trends and shifts to optimize its learning approaches. The fact that makes it the best school for girls is that the school doesn’t push hard or force its students for rote learning; rather it induces creative methods to maintain the interests of students in studies and co-curricular.

residential school
Aparnaa world school induces creative methods to maintain the interests of students in studies and co-curricular.

High schools in Jharsuguda i.e. Aparnaa world school that sets an example for modern day education. Students are only taught what is relevant and appropriate without getting with notebooks and home works. They enjoy the freedom of picking their own interests and are guided thoroughly in those fields by our team of experienced and skilled staff. As one of the top boarding schools for girls and boys, Aparnaa World School supports the top-notch architecture with all necessary amenities for balanced living inside its premises. The healthy and safe environment of the school improves efficiency and helps in the all-round development of its students.

Aparnaa World School: Odisha’s answer to progressive education

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What really does define progressive education?  The answer lies beyond the dissatisfaction with today’s mainstream education system. When we say progress, we talk about change; we talk about a shift that affects the lives of a generation of people in many ways. We know that education plays an integral part in driving change as it directly influences an individual’s thought process, opinions and understanding. School being the foremost source of education, a lot depends on the institution how they raise their peers. A school, apparently the best high school in Odisha is on its way to embark the true spirit of progressive education standing out of the crowd.

Aparnaa World School is one of the few private schools in Odisha that has shouldered the responsibility to shun rote learning and come up with more relatable and holistic, multidisciplinary learning. Apart from highly effective classrooms, It aims at providing a platform to its student to learn, leap and lead. Progressive education doesn’t mean scoring high grades or cracking Olympiads, it means attaining a balance between knowledge and core values. A student without virtues and values doesn’t count a good person even if he/she is good at academics.

Top 10 boarding schools in Odisha

AWS is among few private schools in Odisha which is committed to creating a balance between tradition and modernity for a promising future. Being at the best high school in Odisha, students here not only get global exposure but also stay close to their roots.

The environment of the school encourages the student to be dynamic and disciplined in whatever they do. The school is managed by the Aparnaa Foundation which holds a vision to transform lives with quality education. At AWS, we strongly believe in the importance of collaborations and communications, hence we keep tabs on our progress and tend to revive things in with constant experiments. As we stand in the epicenter, experiencing the shift in learning approaches, we look forward to adhering ourselves to every change and promise to reflect back in each child.

School in jharsuguda

A World School with 360° Education for all

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When we look back today to the mainstream education system that existed decades ago a lot has changed, and it feels not less than a millennial transformation of knowledge give and take. Stereotypes and myths like – “Reading textbooks all day can get you a success or scoring high marks can land you in your dream job” have been shattered with the emergence of a new era in learning. Also, schools now have finally started to realize the importance of all-round development and are getting more inclined towards changes.

Quality Education in Odisha

Especially Aparnaa World School, one of the best private schools in Odisha has been setting benchmarks to follow in imparting 360-degree education for all. The uniquely designed curriculum, flexible syllabus and highly productive environment of the school allow the students to unlock their potential talents and skills. The teaching staffs at AWS are thoroughly experienced, deeply involved and adaptive to the needs and pace of every student. Each and every student is given attention to detail and guided throughout their different fields of interests. With its state of art infrastructure and holistic teaching, Aparnaa World School has established itself as one of the best high schools in Jharsuguda with very less time.

We believe that foundation builds a stronger future and good basics make way for great expertise, therefore education at AWS is imparted through interactive classrooms, continuous experiments, and fun-filled activities to retain the interest for learning more. As one of the best private schools in Odisha, Aparnaa World School truly preaches the importance of all-round development hence, physical and spiritual developments are given paramount importance at the school alongside studies.

School in jharsuguda

As a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, good and nutritious foods are a part of daily routine which ensures physical fitness and mental well-being. Aparnaa World School is truly the best high school in Jharsuguda as envisions a better society with its students becoming more responsible and vigilant citizens in the future.