5 Trending Reasons Why a Private School is Better Than a Government School

By October 14, 2017education
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Every parent wants their children to receive the best education possible to safeguard their career ahead. It is also a necessity for all the children to be trained in an appropriate environment and be guided by well-qualified instructors. As per the feedback from parents and guardians in the region, private schools in Jharsuguda are offering better facilities in terms of academic and non-academic domains which are a must to channelize the career of their children to a proper direction. This is quite a significant and motivating factor that helps the parents in their decision to send their kids to private schools instead of government ones.

1.Improved Academic Performance:

In many cases, the teacher-to-student ratio in government schools is much more compared to that of private schools. This leads to lack of proper guidance and attributes towards a decreased performance rate of the students.  These educational institutes have well-qualified teachers who individually take care of each student’s intellectual development every day.

2.Unparalleled Safety:

It is always worth a debate whether Government schools are safe or not, but it is a fact that every private school takes utmost care in providing top-notch security to its students. Moreover, most of these schools work hard in creating a warm as well as inviting environment for their students. It facilitates all students with a homely atmosphere to make them feel comfortable and safe, which helps the students to focus completely on their studies.

3.Encouraging Sports Programs:

Parents who are invested in developing their child’s athletic potential, often choose a private school. Furthermore, in private schools, sports are the mandatory add-on to the curriculum where the students are encouraged to participate in different types of sports and games. Today, sports activities are given the same priority as that of the academic domain in these institutions, as it is a widely accepted fact that inclusion of sports provides a balanced approach to education.

4.University Ready:

Most private institutions place a high importance on preparing its students for colleges and universities. By providing advanced learning systems, strong academic curriculum, modern day amenities like fully equipped libraries, computer and science labs, gyms etc., private schools are winning the race from government schools for making students college-ready.

5.Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities:

The extracurricular activities like arts and music programs are on the chopping block, showing the main reason that State education budgets are being slashed across the whole country.  Private schools fuel their students’ talent and passion for pursuing a career in arts, theatre, drawing, music, dance and others by providing them with a much-needed platform to learn and showcase the same.


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