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Two days Carnival at Aparnaa World School

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A school is a place where children not only get their education but also learn extra curricular activities. Aparnaa World School, the school in Jharsuguda is well-known for both. Aparnaa World School is one of the best among the Jharsuguda Schools to deliver Excellencies in education and other activities.

This School in Jharsuguda celebrates its each and every festivals and occasions with full zeal and zest.

Aparnaa World School believes in the overall development of the students and accordingly organise events, competitions and exhibitions which provides them with a platform to showcase their talent that also helps to boost their confidence.  Moreover, such events give the students a break from the day-to- day life of their school.

Carnival at Aparnaa World School, School in Jharsuguda.

Aparnaa World School organised a 2 day carnival i.e.; on 20th – 21st December in the school which included various activities. There were games like shooting arena, table tennis and many indoor as well as outdoor games to enjoy the event. The students of Aparnaa World School also designed a Pubg setup, which became the centre of attraction.

Parents and students also enjoyed the tour the air balloon ride at the carnival. Singing and dancing competition were among other activities . Commando net was also installed for the students to feel the adventure.

Aparnaa World School, the school in Jharsuguda not only organised competitions for the students but also for the mothers of the students. Master Chef Competition and Smarty mom competitions where the two competitions where the moms participated whole heartedly.

The overall event at Aparnaa World School in the carnival was successful. Our school wishes to organise more such events where the parents and students come under the same roof and have fun.

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Cotton painting day at Best Boarding School in Odisha

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A playful atmosphere engulfed one of the top boarding schools in Odisha as children from kindergarten got together to create some art and craft. It was cotton painting day and students were enjoying themselves.  The activity was being conducted in this K-12 boarding school for the young ones so that they could learn while having fun in an interactive manner. Such activities are uncommon across best boarding school in Odisha. Our commitment  to being one of the top pre schools in Jharsuguda we are determined to make such activities a regular part of our students’ lives. 

In total there were 35 students that took part in the activity. The non-residential students went home with smiles on their faces while we received their thanks for being one of the top pre schools in Jharsuguda. As one of the prominent boarding schools in Jharsuguda meant that not all the children went home to their parents but we are sure that the children cannot wait to relay the experience they had to their parents. Aparnaa World School have other fun events lined up this month for the K-12 boarding school and CBSE boarding school as well. 

As one of the prominent boarding schools in Jharsuguda meant that not all the children went home to their parents but we are sure that the children cannot wait to relay the experience they had to their parents. Aparnaa World School have other fun events lined up this month for the K-12 boarding school and CBSE boarding school as well. 

What makes Aparna not only one of the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda but one of the best boarding schools in Odisha is its versatility.

It is known as a top pre school in Jharsuguda and one of the most recognisable k-12 boarding schools in the area. Apart from Kindergarten and K-12, the school also fulfils the need for a CBSE boarding school in Odisha. It was important to us to ensure that we had a CBSE boarding school so that the children studying here pass out on equal footing with those anywhere in the country.

Like this activity we conducted for the kindergarten students, we make extracurricular activities a part of our CBSE boarding school and our k-12 boarding school. Aparnaa World School take our responsibility as one of the top boarding schools in Jharsuguda and one of the most esteemed boarding schools in Odisha very seriously. 

We thank you our readers and the parents for your support and belief with which you have entrusted your children to us. We will strive every day to ensure your children feel like they are in one of the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda and one of the best boarding school in Odisha.

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Best Boarding School in Odisha shape futures of children with supportive events

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 Science exhibition on 24th nov 2018:

Best events are practiced at the best boarding school in Odisha, and that makes all the difference. Parents must always have knowledge about the various competitions and events held by the school. This ensures a much enriched nurturing of your child. Good events and activities help the child realise their own interests and skills. Aparna world school conducted a science exhibition on 24th of November 2018 because of which students got a stage to perform. Children got encouragement and help to present some amazing science projects as the previous year. Firstly the exhibition aimed at improving the brain mapping and analytical thinking power of children. Secondly, being the best boarding school in odisha they have always worked towards developing students because it helps growing better.


Art and craft exhibition on 24th nov 2018:

Having a reputation equivalent to the best boarding school in odisha, Aparna World School has always organised for events and exhibitions. These would help children develop their talents and interests in creative works. The school has provided all the scope and opportunity to their children for having a knack for all round developments. This can enhance their personalities as well. The art and craft exhibition held on 24th November 2018 was very helpful. Above all as this was another event which proved that being a best boarding school in odisha they provide performing platforms. These would help children grow well and become successful in life.


Parents teacher meeting on 24th November 2018

Every time we think of developing our child’s knowledge and depth in understanding things, we require school’s support. Conducting parent teacher meetings at regular intervals has resulted in better performances. This definitely adds to the  development of the ward. Children need the encouragements and support from all the atmospheres that they get in touch with. Most importantly, the amalgamation of the teachers and parents has always been beneficial for the child. Management and organisation of such meeting at intervals makes Aparna world school the best boarding school in odisha. All Children go to schools but a few learn the importance of education because they receive incomplete knowledge.

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How to Get Your Children Involved in Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja

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Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most famous Hindus festival with significant importance. From younger people to older ones, everyone tends to celebrate this festival with full of joy. Particularly, children will show much interest in celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi due to the range of activities involved in this festival. And many Top boarding schools also organize Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and various events to make the students understand about the importance of this festival. Here we have listed a few ideas through which you can make your children involve in Ganesh Pooja celebrations.

Clay Ganesh Idol

As per the Hindu traditions, we have to offer prayers to the Ganesh idol which has to be disposed of into the water body. Hence many experts suggest using an eco-friendly Ganesh statue to celebrate the environment-friendly festival. Instead of buying Ganesh idol made of Plaster of Paris and other chemicals, it is better to offer prayers to the Ganesh idol made of clay. Explain your children about the importance of using Eco-friendly Ganesh idol and how to do that. Many of the top boarding schools in Odisha also organize workshops on creating clay Ganesh idols to encourage students to make their own idol for Pooja.

Decorating Ganesh Puja platform/ room:

According to the legends sayings, we have to decorate the Ganesh Pooja mandap with various fruits and sweets because Lord Ganesh likes those a lot. You have to decorate mandap with different decorative items. Ask your children to try making some kind of chocolate, sweet or any item they can. Try to involve your children in decorating the mandap where Ganesh idol is placed. Children always like to help you in making things. So, let them give a try on this auspicious day. Give different types of papers and ask your children to make something innovative and attractive. Guide them and support them in doing what they want to do. As watercolours are easily washable, you can also ask your children to draw some outlines and pain with brushes.

Teach simple chants and Bhajans

Chants plays a major role in Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja. Many top boarding schools these days are teaching chants and Bhajans to children and explaining the meaning of that to them.

We, at Aparna World School, celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in our school every year. We will make the children understand the importance of participating in Poojas which helps them to achieve their career goals.

National Sports Day Organised by Aparnaa World School, Jharsuguda On 29th Aug 2018

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National Sports Day

National Sports Day Organised by Aparnaa World School, Jharsuguda on 29th Aug 2018

On the Occasion of National Sports Day, Aparnaa World School hosted A National Level Football Seminar.

Our Dignitaries:


Welcome address by Mehboob Mahtab

Report: Susanta Behera, President State Sports Journalist Association, Odisha

Jeeban Mohanty: Working President

Susil Mishra: Dist Sports Officer

Sanjiv Pattanaik: GM(PR) , Vedanta

Md Jabbar: Footbal Coach

Md Jahid: Commandant OSAP, 2nd Bat.

Tapas Ray Choudhury: General Secretary, District Athletic Association

Pitabas Misha: Editor Utkal Mail and President Odisha Working Journalist Association




How do Schools Celebrating Independence Day on August 15?

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Independence dayEvery Indian across the world will celebrate Independence Day on August 15th of every year to salute the freedom fighters who has played major role in achieving freedom. From educational institutions, government organizations to private organizations, every organization in India will host the flag on this day. Particularly, the boarding schools which hold many new age Indians in its premises will organize Independence Day celebrations to educate the children about the greatness of the country.

Flag Hosting in Boarding Schools in Odisha

Independence Day celebrations in schools will starts with the flag hosting flowed by the cultural programs, inspirational speeches of freedom fighters to encourage and inspire the children and sweets distribution to share happiness. All the students and teachers will gather together in a open area where the flag will be hosted by the principle/ correspondent of schools. After that, the person who hosted the flag will deliver inspirational speeches to let the children understand the problems faced by Indians before independence.

Organize Events and Competitions

Teachers of the schools will encourage students to come up with new ideas for the events and games. And also support them in learning new skills by organizing various competitions including sports competition, drama competition, dance and quiz competitions etc. The students who won in the competitions will be awarded with various prizes along with certificate from the principle or correspondent of the school.

Other Events includes

The drill masters will train the students and help the students in performing March-past with the drill playing loud and tri-color flag, flying high. March-past drill will be a tribute to our greatest motherland – India. Following the flag hosting and speech from the teachers, there will be dance programs of cultural songs, drams or skits and various other events.
Aparnaa World School organized Independence Day celebrations to help the students about the importance of Independence Day. The student-friendly teachers at the boarding schools supported all the students to participate in events and distributed prizes to the winners.

1st International School of Jharsuguda Celebrated “Utkarsh” Annual Day 2017

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Aparnaa World School, 1st international schools of Jharsuguda, celebrated its wonderful school annual day function “Utkarsh 2017” Day on Saturday, 23rd December 2017 including a series of cultural programs prepared with excellent effort and perfection. The event was very well received by Management, Principal, Teacher, Staff, Student & honorable guest. The function was commenced with the welcome of Hon’ble Guest “Sri Sitaram Patel” who graced the event as Chief Guest.

Speaking on the occasion the chief guest Sri Sitaram Patel congratulated the management of Aparnaa World School and encouraged the children for participating in such a wonderful event. The various items presented as a sequence of audio-visual delight. The items included song, dramas, musical dance performances, etc. The student of KG to 12th performed the dazzling dance as solo, duet & group on various songs, playing the musical instrument, theme-based drama & many more activities.

After completion of school annual day function prize distribution ceremony was also held to acknowledge the achievement of the outstanding students who performed well enough to arise as toppers in various activities. The function “Utkarsh” began with Welcome of chief guest and other dignitaries in the arena, & ended with prize distribution which left the audience awestruck.

Celebrating Annual Day At Aparnaa World School

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Aparnaa World School organizing an extensive annual day “Utkarsh “ 2017.

 The Management, Principal, Teacher, Staff & Student of Aparnaa World School requests your esteemed presence on the occasion of “Utkarsh” the annual day celebration 2017.


Sri Sitaram Patel, ADM, Jharsuguda


 Aparnaa World School ESPL Road, Jharsuguda on 23rd December 2017

District Level Music Competition – Aparnaa World School Strikes Gold

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Music Classes

Music is what materialized the best school in India attribute for Aparna World School this month. While not a conventional music conservatory, Aparna World School leaves no stone unturned to guide and educate its pupil about the symphonies and beats of the music world.

The students of Aparna World School participated in the district level Music Competition and bagged first prize bringing laurels to the school. The competition in itself was challenging and cut-throat but our students were well prepared and well versed with their choreography and it was a mere cakewalk for them to beat their competitors and emerge as ultimate winners making Aparna best school in India for co-curricular exposure once again.

While the rewards were fruitful the journey to district level win was not an easy one. Our Team of students who participated in the dance competition at the block level brought second prize with their heart-throbbing performance giving the school the requisite lead to participate at District level. It was the apt training and rigorous rehearsals of our dedicated students that brought in the winning streak for the school. Our well trained and experienced faculties became the mentors our student needed to tread on this path of celebratory success.

The participants of Music Competition will now be moving forward to conquer the zonal level which will be held soon.

Training Session for Teachers at The Leading Private School in Odisha

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Teacher Training

Teachers are the real mentors of students who bring about their holistic development. Not only they impart knowledge but also help the students to channelize their career in the right track. Sometimes schools provide different training sessions for teachers to polish their knowledge and keep them well informed about modern teaching techniques. The leading private school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School conducted a training session for the teachers on 28th October 2017.

Details of the Session

A special training session and demonstration classes were conducted by the experts from Oxford University Press for our eminent teachers. This program was organized to chisel out the teaching skills of teachers of the best school in Odisha. During this training session, the teachers were enlightened about the new techniques of teaching using various digital methods. These methods could bring about a better understanding for the students.

The teachers took a great interest in this session. They also asked a lot of questions where they felt any doubt. Experts from Oxford University Press interacted with the teachers, paying careful attention to solve their doubts. They effectively shared their knowledge which they gained through research and experience.

The session ended with a thank you note from the principal. Experts acknowledged the teachers’ interaction.
This developmental workshop held at the private school in Odisha, helped the teachers to upgrade their knowledge on the latest teaching techniques. The training program helped them to know the use of advanced technological tools in the teaching practices. The new pedagogical methods discussed and demonstrated would definitely be effective to enhance the learning capacity of the students.