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District Level Music Competition – Aparnaa World School Strikes Gold

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Music Classes

Music is what materialized the best school in India attribute for Aparna World School this month. While not a conventional music conservatory, Aparna World School leaves no stone unturned to guide and educate its pupil about the symphonies and beats of the music world.

The students of Aparna World School participated in the district level Music Competition and bagged first prize bringing laurels to the school. The competition in itself was challenging and cut-throat but our students were well prepared and well versed with their choreography and it was a mere cakewalk for them to beat their competitors and emerge as ultimate winners making Aparna best school in India for co-curricular exposure once again.

While the rewards were fruitful the journey to district level win was not an easy one. Our Team of students who participated in the dance competition at the block level brought second prize with their heart-throbbing performance giving the school the requisite lead to participate at District level. It was the apt training and rigorous rehearsals of our dedicated students that brought in the winning streak for the school. Our well trained and experienced faculties became the mentors our student needed to tread on this path of celebratory success.

The participants of Music Competition will now be moving forward to conquer the zonal level which will be held soon.

Training Session for Teachers at The Leading Private School in Odisha

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Teacher Training
Teachers are the real mentors of students who bring about their holistic development. Not only they impart knowledge but also help the students to channelize their career in the right track. Sometimes schools provide different training sessions for teachers to polish their knowledge and keep them well informed about modern teaching techniques. The leading private school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School conducted a training session for the teachers on 28th October 2017.

Details of the Session

A special training session and demonstration classes were conducted by the experts from Oxford University Press for our eminent teachers. This program was organized to chisel out the teaching skills of teachers of the best school in Odisha. During this training session, the teachers were enlightened about the new techniques of teaching using various digital methods. These methods could bring about a better understanding for the students.

The teachers took a great interest in this session. They also asked a lot of questions where they felt any doubt. Experts from Oxford University Press interacted with the teachers, paying careful attention to solve their doubts. They effectively shared their knowledge which they gained through research and experience.

The session ended with a thank you note from the principal. Experts acknowledged the teachers’ interaction.
This developmental workshop held at the private school in Odisha, helped the teachers to upgrade their knowledge on the latest teaching techniques. The training program helped them to know the use of advanced technological tools in the teaching practices. The new pedagogical methods discussed and demonstrated would definitely be effective to enhance the learning capacity of the students.

One of The Best CBSE Schools in India Celebrated Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents are the precious gems of a family. Their experience and knowledge spills the words of wisdom & captivate the grandchildren with their love and concern. In the current scenario, where nuclear families are being encouraged, grandchildren are deprived of the treasure trove transferred from generations to generations. One of the Best CBSE Schools in India, Aparnaa World School celebrated Grand Parents Day on 28th October 2017 to honor them. It helped to make the students understand the importance and value of grandparents.

The Celebration Scenario

The event was started with the lighting of lamps by the grandparents who had solicited the occasion with their presence. Students of LKG and UKG, took over the mike to welcome their beloved grandparents and sung rhymes for them. The speech of UKG students, made tears roll down their cheek faster than a heartbeat. Students presented dance performances, speech, rhymes that brought about a smile on their faces and satisfaction in their mind.

The grandparents shared their invaluable life lessons through their nostalgic experiences with the students and teachers as well. Games were organized for them to play alongside their grandchildren, which they rejoiced and enjoyed. Certificate distribution was done by the grandparents to all students who had bagged prizes in different events. They enjoyed the delicacy provided to them at the food court. This event ended with grandparents returning with sweet memories of the fun and frolic organized to honor them.

By this event, one of the best CBSE schools in India taught the students to worship their parents and grandparents. The legacy of our culture is passed on to the children, through grandparents who devote all their time for grandchildren. As the famous quote goes “Grandchildren are the compensation given by God to us for making us grow old”.

Rangoli Competition Held at Top Boarding Schools in India

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Rangoli Competition

Rangoli making is about showing artistic creativity by using beautiful colors. This is a traditional art which is created on the floor. At any festival or occasion, Rangoli always becomes the major highlights. One of the top boarding schools in India, Aparnaa World School organized Rangoli Making Competition on 27th October 2017. It was an Inter-House Competition and was arranged within its campus.

More about the Event…

Making Rangoli is an art of colors where the creativity and imagination of the students expatiate itself. All the participants through their Rangoli portrayed the persistent problems prevailing in our country. The social issues were highlighted which spruced up the event. The students of classes 6th ,7th ,8th ,9th poured out their advice to different topics. The topics were – ‘To Keep the Country Clean’, ‘Women Injustice’, ‘Maintain A Cheerful Temperament’, and ‘Complete Education for All’. The variegated colors and themes presented did capture the attention and appreciation for all the houses.

The students of four houses Atulya, Akshaya, Abhaya and Ajaya brought forward their creativity. Their innovative designs of Rangoli were appreciated by the teachers along with the school’s staff members. The judges were scrupulous in their judgment as all houses had equally faired the competition. Principal Mrs. Smitha V. Nair congratulated as well as encouraged the winners to enhance their talent.

Overall, the whole event was entertaining and full of thrill. Colors create excitement in life. It brings happiness and makes everything beautiful in the world. So, this kind of competitions should be organized more at the top boarding schools in India to promote Rangoli – the traditional culture of India.

Best Out of Waste Competition at One of the Top 10 Schools in India

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school activity

School activity at international school – Aparnaa World School

Recycling and managing waste is the best way to reduce litters which results in reduced environmental pollution. Creating the best out of waste is an art in itself, which is the outcome of one’s innovation and creativity. On 1st Sept 2017, Aparnaa World School, one of the top 10 schools in India, organized “Best Out of Waste” competition. The competition was arranged within its school campus. In this competition, the students made innovative and useful objects by using only the waste materials.

Summary of the Competition

The students participated in the competition with great joy and zeal. The teachers along with other school staffs actively helped and encouraged the participants. The competition was an inter-house event, the students were divided into groups to team up and display their creative skills. The students discovered innovative ideas to use the waste materials effectively. They used varieties of elements like small rocks, pieces of cotton, feathers, old newspapers, broken toys, etc., and created lovely useful things.
At the end of this event, students made excellent goods like showpieces, pen stands, toys and much more. The children got a chance to showcase their artistic talent through this competition. It inspired them to do more innovative creations. All the teachers along with the principal appreciated the students’ work. Lastly, prizes were distributed to the winners by the principal.

Message from the Competition

The competition held at one of the top 10 schools in India, taught students to love the nature. It made them understand about recycling and reusing of waste materials. Everything around us can be reused. By using the waste materials one can ultimately clean the environment and can save money by recycling.

Rakhi Making Competition at one of the Top CBSE Schools in India

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Raksha Bandhan is a precious and pious occasion to celebrate the beauty of love between brother and sister. The tradition of tying a holy thread, ‘Rakhi’ around the wrist of brothers by their sisters symbolizes Raksha (protection). On 21st July 2017, a competition of Rakhi making was organized at Aparnaa World School.

The Event Scenario

The event started with introductions and an informative session, where the values and history of Raksha Bandhan festival were explained. Students of standard 1-6 got a chance to participate in this competition. This Rakhi making competition was a joyful and sanctimonious event. The main reason behind this competition was to celebrate and depict the precious relationship of brothers & sisters.

In this creative & innovative competition, all the students participated with a great joy and zeal. Students used unique materials such as tiny mirrors, cotton balls, stickers, etc. to present their creativity in the most exquisite manner. The rakhis made the participants were creative and portrayed the artistic perspective of the students. The verve and vivacity exhibited by the students were really perceivable. This artistic talent of the tender buds did magnetize the attention and attraction of every audience present there. The competition showed a number of colorful and creative rakhis, made by the participants.

Quiz Competition at International School – Aparnaa World School

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Aparnaa World School, the Best CBSE School in Jharsuguda, organized an inter-house quiz competition on 18th August 2017. All the students were excited to participate in the competition. Teachers and volunteers supported and encouraged the participants. The students from all four houses – Akshaya, Abhaya, Atulya, and Ajaya participated in it with great enthusiasm and vigor.

This competition has set the record of being the most overwhelming and a spine-tingling event. The competition was held under two groups/categories. The First Category ‘A’ included participants from Classes IV, V, VI and the Second Category ‘B’ comprised of students from Classes VII, VIII, IX. The event began with the introduction of the Quizmaster and contestants from each house. The rules and regulations of the quiz competition were announced and explained by the Quizmaster. The event was started in an interactive way and the teams participated with exceptional zeal.

It was an interesting four-round competition, including the following rounds;

  1. Objective questions with options round
  2. Rapid fire round
  3. Buzzer round
  4. Audio-visual round

The questions put forth were exciting and intriguing which raised the curiosity level of the audience. The audience clapped and cheered when the teams answered correctly to some tricky questions. Also, the audience got chances to participate whenever the team answered incorrectly. Through this competition, the students got a chance to showcase their academic brilliance by skillfully answering the questions. Everyone clapped and cheered after the final announcement of the Winners and Runners-Up.

Principal Mrs. Smitha V. Nair addressed the students and then she gave her heartiest congratulations to the participants, audience as well as to the winners. Lastly, she gave a motivational speech on the benefits of quiz competitions and advised the students to take a keen interest in all spheres of their life.

The Festival of Lights – Diwali Celebrations at English Medium Schools

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Diwali Celebration

Diwali has been celebrated for ages, not only in India but also in foreign countries. The different culture and ethnicities adds to the sparkle of this Festival. At English medium schools, the enthusiasm and joy can be clearly seen among the faculties and staffs as they share their happiness with the students. The students enjoy this festival with gifts and goodies. This cheerful and lively festival creates a gleeful atmosphere within the whole school environment.

India is home to diverse cultures and traditions there are numerous ways by which Diwali is celebrated in different regions. It has been said that this festival is associated with the return of Lord Shri Rama with his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita to his kingdom, Ayodhya. The Saga of Lord Rama is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in all the Indian states by following the tradition of lighting off earthen lamps, electric lights and bursting of crackers to recreate the celebration to welcome Lord Rama.

Traditional Diwali Celebration

In India, Diwali is a time for renewal and new endeavors. People clean their homes and decorate their houses with flowers, colors and by lighting the house with diyas. Sweets and gifts are exchanged and festive meals are shared, with friends and relatives. Fireworks are often a part of the Diwali celebrations. New clothes and accessories are worn, as Diwali represents the renewal of life. It also honors as well as welcomes the approaching of winter and the start of the sowing season.

  • At the CBSE school of Jharsuguda, Aparnaa World School, parents hailing from different cultures and religions gather to prepare a special presentation for all the students to allow them to experience this festival.
  • Students are taught to celebrate Diwali with family & friends and have fun together, rather, than just bursting crackers.
  • This festival is also about enjoying, sharing and spreading joy. Students learn to respect their seniors and care about their juniors.
  • Programs like dance, music, and other special activities are performed as part of the celebration. The students are provided with delicious and healthy food items to cherish their palate.

However, it can be said that Diwali is not just about fireworks, burning candles, and gambling but also rediscovering the inner peace. Hanging of lanterns and lighting diyas signifies God’s grace and bathes homes in such luminescence that there is no place for any darkness. So make this festival truly momentous and savor the different tastes and cultures of India. May this festival of lights bring you success, peace, prosperity, health and great happiness! Happy Diwali!

Educating the Girl Child – From Constitutional Rights to Biological know-how

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An educative seminar was conducted at Aparnaa World School for the girls education. The girl students from class IV to class IX were the avid participants of the seminar given by well renowned women and child welfare activist, Dr. Babita Ramani, MD Gynecologist. She was welcomed by the Principal Mrs. Smitha V. Nair.

She enlightened the students about the various physical stages of a girl’s life and the problems associated with the same. The event conducted was edifying and educative for the students. The session was made interactive by the students who were pouring in their queries on the related topics. Every query of children was explained by Dr. Babita ensuring to satisfy the upcoming anxieties of the students. She has covered the following topics.

  1. Puberty and its different stages of physical changes.
  2. Role of different hormones especially female hormone like estrogen.
  3. Effect of tension on the body.
  4. Adolescence stage.
  5. Sexual harassment and how to protest.
  6. Suggestions to teenagers, to make them self-aware and safety precautions.

The session ended with a vote of thanks.