How can Day Boarding Schools make their Students Responsible Social Citizens?

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Apart from academic development, schools also have the responsibility of making responsible social citizens for the future generation. Making students socially involved facilitate them to become responsible citizens, and inspire them to work for the betterment of the society. Aparnaa World School, one of the best day boarding schools in Odisha, which aims in making responsible citizens to its students.

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Here are a few proven ways, which Aparnaa World School includes in curriculum and impel students to become socially responsible citizens of tomorrow.

  1. Encourage participating in community and awareness programs

Aparnaa World School encourages activity-based learning where students learn directly by getting concerned with the subject’s related activities; participate in community and awareness programs. That inspires the students to chase the standards in their personal lives.  Students are involved in campaigns like cleaning, road safety, save water, education and so on. Such participation imposes their classroom knowledge and the practical knowledge becomes a motivator to learn and act more.

  1. Classroom discussions on social issues

The teachers educate the students about the right norms of the society are essential. But Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE schools in Odisha gives chance to students to share their views on social issues, conduct debate about that topic and form perspectives based on general opinion. We also encourage students through classroom discussions to feel involved in the course and start acting of their own decision.

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  1. Volunteer for the society

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” is the best lesson any school can teach its students. To make it effective Aparnaa World School encourages students to volunteer in community activities. A simple way to involve students in these activities is allow students to teach underprivileged children in association with NGOs or from economically struggling societies. Through active volunteering, students fill their self-appreciation.

  1. Include projects in the curriculum that surround a social issue

Aparnaa World School conducts science exhibition that surround the theme of saving environment, the annual cultural program is based on the topic of personal safety and the recent social events. These activities build engagement with a deeper level of knowledge.

Education is about developing the abilities of wisdom and progressive. It’s present that Aparnaa World School is the best day boarding school in Odisha.