A stepping stone to your Child’s Bright Future

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Academic brilliance is an outcome of self-discipline, sheer dedication, and strong foundation core.  The education imparted can only be received by a student when he grows in an environment of natural learning but not rote learning. While most of the boarding schools for boys and girls in Odisha have joined the rat race to figures, ranks and results, one exceptional school in going against the flow to retain our beliefs in Quality education and holistic learning.

Aparna World School buidling
Aparnaa World School

Aparnaa World School is a premier academic institution in Jharsuguda that is transforming education standards and touching the lives of students in every aspect. Being one of the best schools in Odisha, AWS brings all the essentials of a great school to the table imparting world class education and developing core values in the future citizens of our country.

Aparnaa World School ranks among the best high schools in Odisha for its interactive classroom programs and highly cooperative staff. AWS believes that learning is a never ending experience and it grows as one becomes wiser with learning new things. Therefore, the school tends to push each and every boundary to unlock the budding talents in its students.

best boarding school in odisha
Best Boarding School in Odisha

The school gives equal attention to each student so that they can work on their strengths and weaknesses. Students at AWS enjoy ample creative and artistic liberties with their projects, experiments, and co-curricular. The school also ensures a safe and healthy environment for the physical and mental wellbeing of the wards. Hostels at AWS offer neat and tidy surroundings with nutritious food. Perfect study and playtime balance restore students’ interest and concentration in learning. Homely ambiance with all top notch amenities makes AWS one of the best boarding schools for girl and boys in Odisha. Aparnaa World School acts an important stepping stone for its students’ future by helping them build successful and valuable careers.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

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These words of Ben Franklin put the value and importance of innate knowledge into perspective. Learning new things every day feeds our conscience with better understanding and interpretations that go on to contribute a lot in our daily lives. Education makes us better individuals that allows building a better society among our peers. Despite all advancements and awareness today still there has been instances of social stigmas compromising proper education of girl child.

However, AparnaaWorldSchool as one of the best residential schools in the country are making a difference with its remarkable efforts. AWS is currently one of the best boarding schools for girls in the state offering the best in class facilities. The school is a decorated institution that empowers its students to exceed irrespective of gender and class in an environment of sharing and caring. Aparnaa World School is the nearest boarding school in the town of Jharsuguda that brings too much to the table for a student as well for the society. The school stands strong on its core values and believes in the fact that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Parents used to get really stressed and worried when they couldn’t find any good schools in the locality and yet couldn’t afford to send their wards to someplace distant for quality education. But with the origin of Aparnaa World School in 2014, it solved all problems coming up the best yet nearest boarding school in the locality. With a safe environment and residential facilities, the school soon became the best boarding schools for girls providing all the amenities.

Aparnaa World School is a school with a heart and soul in it. The nearest boarding school in the town is making a difference with its compassion and vision to empower students in every way. AWS is one of the best boarding schools for girls and boys that are constantly committed to impart quality education to its students.

Redefining the Education Ecosystem of Jharsuguda

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Gone are the days when education for girls only meant home science and for the boys, woodwork. The definition of knowledge has changed constantly over time and have become utmost important if not relevant a few decades ago. The new age of learning has eradicated all the stigmas and discriminations, making it easier for everyone to seek knowledge. Patriarchal mindsets that restricted the education and proper upbringing of a girl child years ago have now started to vanish giving same platforms for both boys and girls.

With one step at a time, Aparnaa World School – a modern-day gurukul in the charming town of Jharsuguda is transforming the education ecosystem in western Odisha. Being one of the nearest boarding schools in Jharsuguda, AWS is a home to many students from different communities and classes that facilitates a mix of divine culture.

Aparnaa World School

Ranked among the boarding schools for girls, Aparnaa World School provides best in class facilities to its wards. Separate hostels for girls and boys with proper hygiene and round the clock surveillance, a team of friendly staff to take care and fulfill all the needs, flexible study time, healthy nutrition, ample recreational activities, etc make AWS the best and nearest boarding school in Jharsuguda. Aparnaa World School has also initiated special incentives and awareness programs to highlight the importance of educating the girl child. It is one of the best boarding schools for girls in the locality that welcomes every child irrespective of any diversity and treats everyone with equal importance.

Children grow better in a safe and positive environment when their surrounding is secure, they can concentrate on other aspects without any deviation. AWS is one of the nearest boarding schools in Jharsuguda that is ensuring all-round development of every child in a fruitful environment. Students are taught to become more efficient and respectful towards their work and peers. Aparnaa World School is also one of the best boarding schools for girls that makes a homely ambiance for its borders.

Best School in Jharsuguda paving paths for a Bright Future

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During the foundation years, education to the children should be catered in such a way that it becomes a part of their daily life but not a burden. Many schools often forget this and push students into a rat race that brings fallacy and generates peer pressure hampering the growth of a child. Breaking all such stigmas, Aparnaa World School – a day boarding school in Jharsuguda is focusing on value-driven education that is empowering students to exceed in different fields. 

Ranked among Top 10 CBSE schools in Odisha, Aparnaa World School is making buzz as one of the best day boarding schools in Jharsuguda and Odisha. It is one of a kind school in the western Odisha that is pushing all boundaries to induce more interactive and practical methods of learnings overpowering the traditional processes. At AWS, we believe that education is beyond and not limited to classrooms and every child has its own pace. Each and every child is given equal attention and opportunities to focus on their individual abilities and grow better at each step.

Aparnaa World School aims at building better students that contribute to society in every way. Students when engaged in recreational activities and nurtured in an environment that emphasizes more on absorbing the knowledge that learning lessons, they grow into being wiser and more confident. We, at AWS believe that education stands on the foundation of values and modernity. Aparnaa World School being the best day boarding school in Jharsuguda is the fulfillment of our dream to create an educational edifice which would provide quality education to the kids and young adults.

Today, Aparnaa World School stands among the top 10 CBSE schools in Odisha. The vision we hold of transforming lives with education makes us more spirited to reach more heights in the future. Our values, the students and the dedicated staff gives our school its mind and soul. Come be part of this enriching experience!

Best Residential School in Odisha

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Parents always look out for the best things for their child, let it be education, opportunities or nutrition. When they send their wards to a residential school, they make sure that their children live and grow in a better environment with proper care and food. Understanding the importance of quality living and safe surrounding, Aparnaa World School stands out as one of the top 10 residential schools in Odisha with top-notch hostel facilities and healthy nutrition for its students.

Ranked among the top 10 boarding schools in Odisha, Aparnaa World School focuses on balanced life styles of students for all round development. The critically designed infrastructure makes it accessible for students from the round the world with flexible resources that bridgethe communal gaps. AWS is among the top 10 residential schools in Odisha that provides separate hostels for boys and girls with all basic and highly compatible amenities, friendly staff and nutritionally balanced meals, comfortable and hygienic dormsetc.

The catering in Aparnaa World School offers meals that are safely produced, using quality locally sourced ingredients, in a manner that promotes sustainability of the environment. Aparnaa World School students become advocates for healthy eating at home when they learn about and experience healthy eating at school.Counted among the top 10 boarding schools in Odisha, AWS gives ample opportunities to the students for experiments and co-curriculars to content their curiosity.

A healthy environment enhances concentration and discipline. At AWS, we understand our responsibility and facilitate every required amenity so that the student can focus on learning. We tend to induce home-like atmosphere with our friendly and supportive staffs and numerous recreational activities. Aparnaa World School stands out among the top 10 residential schools in Odisha that provides its students a homely and nurturing environment to grow and succeed.

Aparnaa World School – Pioneering Quality Education in Odisha

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Quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation and as Henry Ford says – “Education is pre-eminently a matter of quality but not amount”. Schools are the stepping stones of one’s future that hold major influence on a growing individual, hence choosing one right institution is utmost important. AparnaaWorldSchool is among the popular boarding schools in Odisha that is ensuring quality and progressive education standards for its students.

one of the popular boarding schools in Odisha

Aparnaa World School is one of the highly acclaimed and celebrated pre-boarding schools of Odisha situated in the city of Jharsuguda known for its qualitative teaching. It is one critically designed educational institution that throws light on more practical learning experiences and doesn’t encourage rote learning. Students here enjoy creative and linguistic freedoms to build themselves as more outspoken and confident.

Rising above the mainstream, Aparnaa World School is one of the popular boarding schools in Odisha that is changing the conventional ways of teaching and learning in many ways. Infrastructure designed by international collaborations and curriculum planned with global exposure, AWS stands true to its name as a world school. Topics taught are relevant to the changing times and more intuitive to ensure cognitive growth. Practical applications are given more importance than theoretical bounds for clear understanding and comprehensive learning of the students.

In the era of restless competition, Aparnaa World School makes sure that the students are not pushed into the race for scores and ranks rather than enjoying the process of learning. It is one of the best pre-boarding schools in Odisha right now that focuses on all around development of a student with nurture and care. AWS is indeed one of the the popular boarding schools in Odisha that promotes qualitative learning over quantitative learning.

top 10 residential schools in Odisha

Student Life at Aparna World School

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Balanced education consists of knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body, a true human being is an educator not by words alone but by being an example”- these words of Jhoon Goo Rhee highlight the importance of comprehensive learning and practical education in daily life. Listed among the top 10 residential schools in Odisha, Aparna World School is ensuring all-round development of its students beyond books and classrooms. A person’s behavioral traits and outlook towards life is as much a mirror of his personality as his intellectual capabilities.AWS is pushing all boundaries and norms to build a better career and character of the students reflecting their upbringing, values and tenor.

Aparnaa World School is one of the popular boarding schools in Odisha. That makes sure that no matter what their age, students should be able to hold conversations with people from every walk of life. They get more opportunities to pursue their interests in different fields and discover their talents. AWS is among the few good boarding schools in Odisha that is actually dedicated and has summoned its campus for many co-curricular avocations and student activity centers.

Parents & Teachers meeting held on 08.03.19

The school has many societies and clubs for activities like dancing, singing, literature, heritage, dramatics supported by infrastructure like practice arena, club rooms, amphitheaters, etc for the budding talents. Being among the most popular boarding and in between top 10 residential schools in Odisha, AWS’s hostels are equipped with every amenity and service for a safe and comfortable living of the students. It has access to a well-stocked library, play areas and all kind of recreations that a student can utilise to make the most out of leisure time. Aparnaa World School is a popular boarding school in Odisha that actually focuses to engage students more with life and sustains their interests in every field. Breaking the stereotypes of monotonous educational methods, AWS is a good boarding school that is leaping forward every time to guide every student to only pursue the best and stand out of the crowd.

best schools in Odisha

Hi-tech Education in the best School in Odisha

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Awareness towards education is increasing day by day. The government, private organizations, NGOs, Educational Institutions are conducting number of activities, awareness programmes to aware about the importance of education in our life. Such programmes, activities play a vital role in creating awareness in the society. Now a days all the parents are trying to provide the best educational opportunities to their children. So they prefer boarding schools. For overall development of children, boarding schools are in the front line.

After reading the above lines you must be thinking, How you will get the Moon among the lesser stars. Yes, you are right..Aparnaa World School”.  Aparnaa World School is one of the best school in Odisha. We always try to provide the best facilities to our students. We always focus on their overall development.

In the 21st century we all are depending upon technology a lot, and also we like to be engage with innovative technologies, like to do things in an engaging way. Like all, also kids are showing their interest in technology, they want to do anything in an engaging way where they can feel the reality. For that, as the best school in Odisha, we are facilitating smart classroom & project-based learning. In our boarding school, we have well furnished and smart classrooms. In classroom teachers show the real situations as well as the real-life examples through graphics, videos, short films, presentations Etc to make the students engaging with the subject matter and to make them understand in a better way.

Being the best school in Odisha, we are facilitating accommodation, well-developed library, and computer labs, where the students can use the computers and other technology-based instruments to not only develop their knowledge towards technology but also they can research new things there, which will ultimately help them to develop new ideas. In the best school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School we also facilitate accommodation for the teachers. It also an initiative by Aparnaa for the betterment of the students. So that, whenever any student gets any doubt they can go to the teacher to clear his doubts. Our staff and teachers are very much supportive; they always ready to support the students in every situation.

top boarding school in Jharsuguda


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Examinations are a nightmare for all the students. Students get stressed as the exam approaches, be it as a topper or any average-performing student. But examination is an important part of the education system as it a parameter to evaluate how much the students have learned in the session.

It is a myth when someone says that, you should study for 12-14 hours per day to score well in examinations. The fact is that if you study 3-4 hours, with full concentration, then also you can score well. It is all about balancing the syllabus and time.

Aparnaa World School, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda prepares the students for examinations by providing them all the educational support they require. Here are some of the tips noted down, which might help the students to prepare for the examination.

  •         Start early – It is not possible to complete the whole syllabus in just 1-2 days or the night before the exam. Even if one attempts to do so, they will just overburden themselves. So to stay in touch with the syllabus, you must keep revising the portions taught in class; be it trigonometry of Mathematics or theory of Physics. To keep the students in the loop, Aparnaa one of the best Jharsuguda Schools keep arranging weekly tests and quizzes for the students.
  •          Make a schedule and follow – Students should prepare a proper schedule where they mention how much time to be dedicated to which portion of the syllabus. Preparing the schedule helps you to allocate what amount of time you should spend on a particular topic.
  •         Set an approach for preparation – If the students follow a particular approach for preparing, then it makes their task easy to learn. There are many approaches that you can follow, including preparing pointwise notes, making diagrams, making charts or whichever approach suits you. Our faculty, at the top boarding school in Jharsuguda, teaches the students with all possible approaches that are easily understood by students.
  •         Take breaks – students should take a short break, time to time from the studies and have a rest or involve in other activities that fit in their schedule. Continuous studying will just increase the pressure of studying.  At Jharsuguda schools, especially in Aparnaa, we take it seriously.
  •         Don’t try to mug up, understand the concept – When you mug up the answers, you only attempt to memorize it and don’t learn anything from it. It might help you in the examination but is not helpful for the long term. That is why it is important to understand the core concept of the chapter and keep it in the long term knowledge.  We make the students understand the chapter in the best way possible so that they remember the concept for the long term.
  •         Clear doubts with faculty/mentors – Whenever you have a doubt in any portion of the subject, then clear that doubt with the respective teacher before its too late. The teachers of Aparnaa, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda are always available to clear the doubts of the students.
  •         Have a plenty sleep – Generally, the students are in stress on the day before the exam and stay awake late nights to study. Students should never do this, as it not only affects their health, but also the students lose focus while studying when they are sleep deprived. 
  •         Don’t evaluate post – exam – Many students are curious to know about their performance in the exam, so they try comparing the notes and answers they have written. This evaluation post – examination gives more stress to the students.

Aparnaa World School, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda, teach and train the students to perform well in the examination and learn the chapters which will be helpful to build a great career. The faculty at Jharsuguda schools, especially in Aparnaa, are well-trained to educate the students by making the optimum use of available resources with school.

boarding school in Jharsuguda

Boarding school in Jharsuguda making the students all rounder

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Aparnaa World School family wishes you a Happy and prosperous New Year. May god shower happiness and his blessings on you. Aparnaa World School, the CBSE affiliated school provides best facilities as a boarding school in Jharsuguda. We not only provide quality education, but also a world class environment of learning with the innovation in the techniques of teaching.

Since the commencement of the school, we always have been focusing on the overall development of children and making them all-rounder. Our vision has made us different from other boarding school in Jharsuguda.

We have a team of expertise teachers for every subject respectively. Our teachers are encouraged to keep up bringing innovation in the teaching methods and deliver the best quality education. We take special care of our teachers while selecting and training

This generation is rapidly becoming the victim of obesity and the main cause is junk food. Our mess serves a hygienically prepared nutrient rich foods. We strictly follow the routine for the mess and serve accordingly.

In Aparnaa the world class facilities, the best possible boarding facility and the best team of trained teacher have always been keeping us to reach the set goals. 

What We Do:

We always encourage the students with their different forte and skill. The extra curricular activity goes parallel with the education. The students here can select any game like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, skating, swimming etc.

Many inter-school competitions like art & crafts, debate, singing, drawing and painting are organized which helps the students to become versatile.

Aparnaa also organizes quiz competitions and cleanliness campaign, which makes the student sharp. Also builds a sense of awareness about a healthy society. Aparnaa tries to regularly inculcate the value of patriotism, respect for culture and motherland in the form of music, dance and theatre respectively to the students.

We set a timetable for every day to day activities of the student. Following the rules and routine makes the student discipline and punctual.

Although being the best boarding school in Jharsugudawe meet all the global standards: be it education pattern, infrastructure or activities at the school.

Involving different activities in the routine of the student, gives them the idea to utilize their leisure time. Additionally, these activities make them strong, sharp, aware and intelligent respectively. Through the participations students get to follow their passion and create their own identity. Aparnaa World School is the best boarding school in Jharsuguda and deliver the best quality education with the innovation and upgradation in the teaching techniques