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Hi-tech Education in the best School in Odisha

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Awareness towards education is increasing day by day. The government, private organizations, NGOs, Educational Institutions are conducting number of activities, awareness programmes to aware about the importance of education in our life. Such programmes, activities play a vital role in creating awareness in the society. Now a days all the parents are trying to provide the best educational opportunities to their children. So they prefer boarding schools. For overall development of children, boarding schools are in the front line.

After reading the above lines you must be thinking, How you will get the Moon among the lesser stars. Yes, you are right..Aparnaa World School”.  Aparnaa World School is one of the best school in Odisha. We always try to provide the best facilities to our students. We always focus on their overall development.

In the 21st century we all are depending upon technology a lot, and also we like to be engage with innovative technologies, like to do things in an engaging way. Like all, also kids are showing their interest in technology, they want to do anything in an engaging way where they can feel the reality. For that, as the best school in Odisha, we are facilitating smart classroom & project-based learning. In our boarding school, we have well furnished and smart classrooms. In classroom teachers show the real situations as well as the real-life examples through graphics, videos, short films, presentations Etc to make the students engaging with the subject matter and to make them understand in a better way.

Being the best school in Odisha, we are facilitating accommodation, well-developed library, and computer labs, where the students can use the computers and other technology-based instruments to not only develop their knowledge towards technology but also they can research new things there, which will ultimately help them to develop new ideas. In the best school in Odisha, Aparnaa World School we also facilitate accommodation for the teachers. It also an initiative by Aparnaa for the betterment of the students. So that, whenever any student gets any doubt they can go to the teacher to clear his doubts. Our staff and teachers are very much supportive; they always ready to support the students in every situation.

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Examinations are a nightmare for all the students. Students get stressed as the exam approaches, be it as a topper or any average-performing student. But examination is an important part of the education system as it a parameter to evaluate how much the students have learned in the session.

It is a myth when someone says that, you should study for 12-14 hours per day to score well in examinations. The fact is that if you study 3-4 hours, with full concentration, then also you can score well. It is all about balancing the syllabus and time.

Aparnaa World School, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda prepares the students for examinations by providing them all the educational support they require. Here are some of the tips noted down, which might help the students to prepare for the examination.

  •         Start early – It is not possible to complete the whole syllabus in just 1-2 days or the night before the exam. Even if one attempts to do so, they will just overburden themselves. So to stay in touch with the syllabus, you must keep revising the portions taught in class; be it trigonometry of Mathematics or theory of Physics. To keep the students in the loop, Aparnaa one of the best Jharsuguda Schools keep arranging weekly tests and quizzes for the students.
  •          Make a schedule and follow – Students should prepare a proper schedule where they mention how much time to be dedicated to which portion of the syllabus. Preparing the schedule helps you to allocate what amount of time you should spend on a particular topic.
  •         Set an approach for preparation – If the students follow a particular approach for preparing, then it makes their task easy to learn. There are many approaches that you can follow, including preparing pointwise notes, making diagrams, making charts or whichever approach suits you. Our faculty, at the top boarding school in Jharsuguda, teaches the students with all possible approaches that are easily understood by students.
  •         Take breaks – students should take a short break, time to time from the studies and have a rest or involve in other activities that fit in their schedule. Continuous studying will just increase the pressure of studying.  At Jharsuguda schools, especially in Aparnaa, we take it seriously.
  •         Don’t try to mug up, understand the concept – When you mug up the answers, you only attempt to memorize it and don’t learn anything from it. It might help you in the examination but is not helpful for the long term. That is why it is important to understand the core concept of the chapter and keep it in the long term knowledge.  We make the students understand the chapter in the best way possible so that they remember the concept for the long term.
  •         Clear doubts with faculty/mentors – Whenever you have a doubt in any portion of the subject, then clear that doubt with the respective teacher before its too late. The teachers of Aparnaa, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda are always available to clear the doubts of the students.
  •         Have a plenty sleep – Generally, the students are in stress on the day before the exam and stay awake late nights to study. Students should never do this, as it not only affects their health, but also the students lose focus while studying when they are sleep deprived. 
  •         Don’t evaluate post – exam – Many students are curious to know about their performance in the exam, so they try comparing the notes and answers they have written. This evaluation post – examination gives more stress to the students.

Aparnaa World School, the top boarding school in Jharsuguda, teach and train the students to perform well in the examination and learn the chapters which will be helpful to build a great career. The faculty at Jharsuguda schools, especially in Aparnaa, are well-trained to educate the students by making the optimum use of available resources with school.

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Boarding school in Jharsuguda making the students all rounder

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Aparnaa World School family wishes you a Happy and prosperous New Year. May god shower happiness and his blessings on you. Aparnaa World School, the CBSE affiliated school provides best facilities as a boarding school in Jharsuguda. We not only provide quality education, but also a world class environment of learning with the innovation in the techniques of teaching.

Since the commencement of the school, we always have been focusing on the overall development of children and making them all-rounder. Our vision has made us different from other boarding school in Jharsuguda.

We have a team of expertise teachers for every subject respectively. Our teachers are encouraged to keep up bringing innovation in the teaching methods and deliver the best quality education. We take special care of our teachers while selecting and training

This generation is rapidly becoming the victim of obesity and the main cause is junk food. Our mess serves a hygienically prepared nutrient rich foods. We strictly follow the routine for the mess and serve accordingly.

In Aparnaa the world class facilities, the best possible boarding facility and the best team of trained teacher have always been keeping us to reach the set goals. 

What We Do:

We always encourage the students with their different forte and skill. The extra curricular activity goes parallel with the education. The students here can select any game like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, skating, swimming etc.

Many inter-school competitions like art & crafts, debate, singing, drawing and painting are organized which helps the students to become versatile.

Aparnaa also organizes quiz competitions and cleanliness campaign, which makes the student sharp. Also builds a sense of awareness about a healthy society. Aparnaa tries to regularly inculcate the value of patriotism, respect for culture and motherland in the form of music, dance and theatre respectively to the students.

We set a timetable for every day to day activities of the student. Following the rules and routine makes the student discipline and punctual.

Although being the best boarding school in Jharsugudawe meet all the global standards: be it education pattern, infrastructure or activities at the school.

Involving different activities in the routine of the student, gives them the idea to utilize their leisure time. Additionally, these activities make them strong, sharp, aware and intelligent respectively. Through the participations students get to follow their passion and create their own identity. Aparnaa World School is the best boarding school in Jharsuguda and deliver the best quality education with the innovation and upgradation in the teaching techniques

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Boarding schools’ benefits

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Aparnaa World School, since its inception has the mission of the overall development of the student. We are the 1st international boarding school of Jharsuguda, which provides a world class environment. We focus on the development of student’s individual interest and nurture them. This is what makes us unique from other. 

Education plays a very significant role in the making of a brilliant student. But what is more important is that what kind of environment they get. Environment here means the boarding schools, where not only the education is focussed but discipline is also the prime target.

There are many Jharsuguda schools which have boarding system, but we in a very lesser time has been continuously putting our best to excel among all. If a student is sent to a boarding school then they are supposed to get well grooming over there which makes them smarter and confident. Other benefits of a boarding school are that the student gets to interact with the teachers and the students in a more detailed way.

Generally the younger children don’t want to go to the boarding school away from their parents. Our school’s boarding system gives them such an environment which serves them with a homely feeling.

In addition there are various activities that keep the students involved and also it polishes their hobbies. There are various clubs in Aparnaa like Heritage club, Cyber club, Eco club, Math club, Science club etc which teaches about the following sections individually.We have trained teachers for each clubs who have great knowledge over the sections and they teach the students of the same.

Activities in Aparnaa World School

Some of the other activities practised in Aparnaa World School are visual arts, performing arts, yoga, aeromodelling, debating, quizzing, which encourages the individual interest.Be it any Jharsuguda schools with boarding system, the prime motive is to make the students independent. Boarding schools are the place where the students have to take care of themselves which ultimately leads the students to become responsible individuals.

By staying a boarding school, the students learn to deal with different type of students around them. Our school is considered the best in comparison to other Jharsuguda Schools because it promotes and accepts different cultures of students. This gives a great advantage to the students that they accepts all kinds of culture, they learn each from it and are not biased.

We at Aparnaa World School, consistently try our best to deliver the teachings to the students which leads them to become a great personality in the society.

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Top 10 boarding schools in Odisha for the bright life of your children

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Education is definitely the root of all developments in our society.Being amongst top 10 boarding schools in Odisha that is why we ensure stability in all forms. We very often forget about the overall personality shaping ideas and all round development required for a child’s growth. The government and other involved bodies have provided full support to the schools. Infrastructural, financial, aesthetical and other needs are available at schools yet a child’s growth gets curbed in most places. Aparna world school is a one step solution for the bright future of children.

How we build bright life of your children

Students need familiar atmosphere and friendly interactions from the administration as well as staffs to grow positively. Building their self confidence and realization has always help them in being their best forms at all place. Aparna world school is an english medium school that provides equal importance to other vernacular language and culture. The school is one among the top 10 boarding schools in Odisha because they guarantee all-round development.

The parents who enrol their children into school always have positive expectations from the administration and faculties. The faculties always stay keen and interested in listening to the needs of children so that they can live better. It is an overall attempt to improve the overall skills, talents and knowledge of the child.

As one in top 10 boarding schools in Odisha, we assure excellent facility to children. The school maintains a 1:20 teacher student ratio in classrooms which enables teachers to focus better on children. Aparna world school has been continuously working towards improving quality of life and nurturing children for a better future.

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How Best Boarding School India Enhancing Students Skill

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Aparna World School is known as the best boarding school India but it’s not easy to be the best. We not only give the best education but also help to enhance the skills of our students. Being a best boarding school India we have to give focus in all department for the betterment of students.


These celebrations and festivals where making handmade cards was not just about celebrating but also knowing and exploring much more than that. Children these have got closer to their digital counterparts and virtual demons are slowly engulfing the innocence of childhood that probably we experienced in our times. Lucky generations!

Those paper cuttings, side designing, colour pens and watercolors, scattered glitter butterflies along with sketches on the covering, cards held more values than ever realised by us. The little notes of joys and dedications symbolised the clear emotions and helped develop common sense, creativity, emotional validity and strength in bonds amongst all. We might have cards in markets made by printing and copying but the genuineness of handmade cards as well as the customization that came along was rare and it has got even more priceless nowadays.

Amidst all such chaos and forgotten little tales let us bring together the talents and innovative spirits of children by giving them just the right platform to develop, recreate and explore the bests in their minds. This allows the child to bloom mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Card making competitions would boost the confidence of children in their own capabilities and allow them to understand themselves and their interests better.

How We Claim we are the Best Boarding School India

Aparna World School is the best boarding school india to develop personality and ideas of budding talents and this has already helped parents ensure their children receive the right amount and quality of guidance and scope. Aparna World school is trusted by many parents and is thoroughly enjoyed by children too because the faculties are well trained and experienced in managing kids in their blooming periods of life. So this card making competition is another part of the complete plan where the students develop better themselves.

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How Extracurricular Activities Help Children inLearning More Skills?

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Extracurricular activities allude to the activities instructed to the children outside of the set educational modules. A few well known examples of Extracurricular activities include but not limited to singing, moving, sports and so on. Most of the best boarding schools in Odisha have included the extracurricular activities in the course curriculum and always encourages students to participate. But, many parents consider extracurricular activates as a waste of time.

Despite this fact, extracurricular activates are a vital piece of a student’s life and career. However, there are a few Extracurricular activities for which parents allow their children to participate such as discussing, testing, public speaking or academic related activates. Parents still object to exercises like painting, western moving, show, singing and so on considering to be not as important.

The facts demonstrate that ECA like public speaking is interrelated to the scholarly community, and can assist the student with academics and knowledge. Yet, that doesn’t mean the children ought not to enjoy different exercises. Most of the best boarding schools in Odisha believes that parents have to allow their children to participate in extracurricular activities which enlarges their learning circle and causes them an all-around improvement. Here are a few reasons that justify briefly explains the importance of extracurricular activates to the children.

  • Improved Academic Performance: Extracurricular activates enable students to learn and deal with their chance better and furthermore improve their capacity to focus alongside creating their visual and spatial aptitudes. Children who enjoy extracurricular activates are known to enhance in their academics.
  • Time Management:Boarding schools in Odisha believes extracurricular activities enables students to learn time management effectively. While participating in various events, school or college fests, students will know the value of time management which is crucial for every task.
  • Developing Commitment and Responsibility: At the point when a student takes part in an extracurricular event that he or she prefers, they will be enthusiastic towards it and will have temperance’s like duty and obligation.
  • Exposure to new exercises: Participating in different events opens kids to new types of challenges which makes it imperative for them to learn new skills. Who knows, they may discover their enthusiasm in one of them and begin to seek after it as a vocation promote on throughout everyday life.
  • Peer commitment: Cooperation involves in extracurricular activities build peer collaboration and makes kids more interactive with others. Certain exercises like public talking will help them to avoid stage fear while speaking in front of others.

At Aparna World School, one among the best boarding schools in Odisha, we endeavor towards showing new scholarly ideas, as well as character building and extracurricular activities, play a vital job in it.We give a dynamic domain that mixes academic learning and extracurricular activities to all our studentsfor the thorough advancement in their career.

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Tips to Teach English Language to Your Children at Home

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English is a standout amongst the most talked languages in India and the world. This is the reason why most of the top English medium schools include the English language as the basic language in the course curriculum. It is imperative for children to learn both English speaking and writing skills effectively to sustain in this competitive world. Parents nowadays are also trying to teach English to their children at home yet are clueless with respect to where to start. To help you in this aspect, we have curated a list of ways using which parents can teach English to their children hassle free.

Playing Games: Kids like to play much. Instead of letting children play the routine games which are useless, ask them to play the games where the need for the English language would be more. Make the learning of English language a fun for kids. Flashcards are the most straightforward method for making your children learn English alongside playing at the same time. You can utilize flashcards relying on the learning stage your kid is at letters, words, or sentences. You can likewise utilize board games and word games.

Using Stories: Kids always show much eagerness to listen to stories during sleeping. Tell stories in the English language and translate it into your mother language. By doing this, you can make your kid learn the English language easily. By doing this daily, you can teach your children English effectively. Many of the best English medium Schools or Boarding School in Odisha implements this methodology to teach English to the children.

Using Movies: Nothing is superior to a decent motion picture! Select any of the movies or movies implied for kids. Watch those English movies with your children. Afterwards, try to talk about the storyline and characters with your kid in English.

Using Music: Teach your child English rhymes or music. In addition to this, disclosing the meaning and importance of rhymes or music can help your children to learn many new things about the world. You can likewise train your child hit the dance floor with it since that will make it more fun!

Create a methodology: When you are clear about what you will instruct your child at which organize, it will end up less demanding for him to get a handle on things also. Begin by less demanding things like numbers and hues and body parts, at that point move onto creatures and sustenance names and modifiers and so on.

Instructors at Aparnaa World School, the best boarding and day-boarding schools in Odisha likewise utilize the majority of the given strategies while teaching English to kids. Kids have an extremely limited capacity to focus and require fun procedures to enable them to recollect everything. Subsequently, the more dynamic the medium, the more wanted the outcomes would be.


Optimum Quality Educational Services and a Friendly Environment, Aparnaa School

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We all are aware of that every parents send their child to school in order to give them proper education. But many parents prefer boarding schools for their children so as to provide them a qualitative and effective education. In the current scenario, many boarding schools have been opened in odisha, but Aparnaa school is considered as one of the best academic boarding school because of its premium quality education.

At Aparnaa school, every student gets an opportunity to learn and enhance their own skills. Here the teachers are highly trained and qualified. They always give their best effort to train and educate each and every student. They first try to understand the mind and interest of each student and then train them accordingly in the respective fields. These all features makes the aparnaa school as top rated boarding school.

The aparnaa school is also well known for participating their students in the extracurricular activities. Here the students are allowed to participate in sports, debate, painting competition, etc.
Aparnaa school also prepares every student for their university life as well as train them how to face challenges. Here the students learn their own responsibilities as they are not living in their home. They does everything by themselves like dress ironing, making bed, etc. In boarding school, there are no televisions and phones. So they get a better learning environment. The aparnaa school is a very child friendly school.

Because of its optimum quality educational services and a friendly environment, Aparnaa School is considered as one of the best residential school. At aparnaa school,we can assure every parents to provide their children a best career as well as helps to improve the growth of their analytic skills. We always give our best effort to enhance each and every child’s career growth as well as personal skills growth. The students those who have studied in Aparnaa School always holds its memories within them. Aparnaa School always try to improve their educational system to the next level in order to provide better facilities for the students.

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Individualistic Learning Environment at Boarding Schools

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Youngsters are now days have evolved from the evocative happening of the standard boarding school education pattern; here they had to study only the scholastic books. They have started to learn a lot more than what is already in their academic books.

This is dominant in the long run as there is a scope for freethinking education for them.

The same is happening in a boarding school, the freethinking -leaning environment licenses them to explore their talents and also they will love to investmore time in those activates in which they are proficient at.

To do these boarding schools have a programme of study designed in such a way that the co-curricular activates and academics are equally significant.

Because of that the career desires are not limited to just the course related subjects. The learning habitat in the boarding schools improves the hidden processing as well as change the thought route of the children. Studies have shown that students in boarding school are more unusual and pry about science and art as compared to the day boarders. The kids can traverse and invest time in the domain in which they are good at and the subjects which engross them. This environment helps to foster the visionary and creative minds in them.

This standard of boarding schools has made education fun rather than being a cargo and pressure on the students.

The unique part is that they have started touring various fields on their own. They can tackle the power of the squint and the mentors.

In this changing world where the manpower would be replaced by the industrial machinery, what actually would last is anoriginal mind. And boarding schools are there to feed and nurture them.