Dadaji’s Teachings and best CBSE School

By June 12, 2021uncategorized
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With schools near me and you closed for the time being, children are spending more time with family than ever. In a family with working parents, the role of the Dadaji is of utmost importance, especially because of the bond he shares with grandchildren and his valuable teachings. Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda, teaches its students to respect their grandparents and realize the value they can impart in grandchildrens’ lives.

Dadaji is not only the head of the family, he has a key role in moulding grandchildren’s minds so that they go on to become adults whom everyone can be proud of. Although schools near you will teach your child about money via arithmetic lessons, Dadaji is the best person to teach them why it is important to save money.

In leisure times, Dadaji tells his grandchildren highly imaginative stories from mythology and elsewhere which lights the flame of their imagination, opening their minds to creativity and new ideas. It perfectly complements the syllabus-mandated literature of the best CBSE schools and schools near you.

Even when it comes to schoolwork, Dadaji helps out his grandchildren by encouraging all academic and non-academic work which helps boost the children’s confidence. It inspires them to excel, despite the pressure of studying in the best CBSE school or the finest school near them.

The most important lesson that Dadaji imparts is something which no school near you can teach your children. It is something that Aparnaa World School, the best CBSE school in Jharsuguda, holds in very high regard. Dadaji talks about his childhood and his life’s experiences which help his grandchildren anticipate problems in their own lives. It gives them the courage to face their hurdles head-on.