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Boarding schools’ benefits

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Aparnaa World School, since its inception has the mission of the overall development of the student. We are the 1st international boarding school of Jharsuguda, which provides a world class environment. We focus on the development of student’s individual interest and nurture them. This is what makes us unique from other. 

Education plays a very significant role in the making of a brilliant student. But what is more important is that what kind of environment they get. Environment here means the boarding schools, where not only the education is focussed but discipline is also the prime target.

There are many Jharsuguda schools which have boarding system, but we in a very lesser time has been continuously putting our best to excel among all. If a student is sent to a boarding school then they are supposed to get well grooming over there which makes them smarter and confident. Other benefits of a boarding school are that the student gets to interact with the teachers and the students in a more detailed way.

Generally the younger children don’t want to go to the boarding school away from their parents. Our school’s boarding system gives them such an environment which serves them with a homely feeling.

In addition there are various activities that keep the students involved and also it polishes their hobbies. There are various clubs in Aparnaa like Heritage club, Cyber club, Eco club, Math club, Science club etc which teaches about the following sections individually.We have trained teachers for each clubs who have great knowledge over the sections and they teach the students of the same.

Activities in Aparnaa World School

Some of the other activities practised in Aparnaa World School are visual arts, performing arts, yoga, aeromodelling, debating, quizzing, which encourages the individual interest.Be it any Jharsuguda schools with boarding system, the prime motive is to make the students independent. Boarding schools are the place where the students have to take care of themselves which ultimately leads the students to become responsible individuals.

By staying a boarding school, the students learn to deal with different type of students around them. Our school is considered the best in comparison to other Jharsuguda Schools because it promotes and accepts different cultures of students. This gives a great advantage to the students that they accepts all kinds of culture, they learn each from it and are not biased.

We at Aparnaa World School, consistently try our best to deliver the teachings to the students which leads them to become a great personality in the society.

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Two days Carnival at Aparnaa World School

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A school is a place where children not only get their education but also learn extra curricular activities. Aparnaa World School, the school in Jharsuguda is well-known for both. Aparnaa World School is one of the best among the Jharsuguda Schools to deliver Excellencies in education and other activities.

This School in Jharsuguda celebrates its each and every festivals and occasions with full zeal and zest.

Aparnaa World School believes in the overall development of the students and accordingly organise events, competitions and exhibitions which provides them with a platform to showcase their talent that also helps to boost their confidence.  Moreover, such events give the students a break from the day-to- day life of their school.

Carnival at Aparnaa World School, School in Jharsuguda.

Aparnaa World School organised a 2 day carnival i.e.; on 20th – 21st December in the school which included various activities. There were games like shooting arena, table tennis and many indoor as well as outdoor games to enjoy the event. The students of Aparnaa World School also designed a Pubg setup, which became the centre of attraction.

Parents and students also enjoyed the tour the air balloon ride at the carnival. Singing and dancing competition were among other activities . Commando net was also installed for the students to feel the adventure.

Aparnaa World School, the school in Jharsuguda not only organised competitions for the students but also for the mothers of the students. Master Chef Competition and Smarty mom competitions where the two competitions where the moms participated whole heartedly.

The overall event at Aparnaa World School in the carnival was successful. Our school wishes to organise more such events where the parents and students come under the same roof and have fun.

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Experience makes the difference in child’s development.

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The  Aparna World Schools is recognised as one of the best boarding school in Odisha. Our teachers are certified in early childhood care and education. That gives them the specialised skills to help every child in learning process.

As the best private boarding school in Odisha we have effective skills for working with young children. We communicate with them at their level of practice that is rarely found in any boarding school in Odisha. 

Among top boarding schools in Orissa we know every child is unique. Hence teachers help children to learn at their own pace. Aparnaa World School takes best care about the progress and well-being of every child in the classroom. 

How Aparna World School a Private Boarding school in Odisha is playing a specialists role :

Table Manners of UKG students of city campus and main campus with our Director Mam , Principal Mam and Teachers of UKG in dining hall. Total number of students 47. As a best boarding school in Orissa Aparna World School firmly believe learning development of your child. Our methodology includes gaining speaking & listening skills, thinking skills, problem-solving skills and the ability to read and write. We believe your child learns through everyday experiences and gets engrossed in knowledge. 

Though a boarding school in Odisha Aparna World School  gives your child the right balance of life skills. As the top private boarding school in Odisha we have initiatives and best practices. Like Speak, Motion Based Learning (MBL), Learn2Play and Dance- Music that gives your child an environment of the top boarding school in Odisha. 

We are different from other Private boarding schools in Odisha. Our teachers shoulder the responsibility as best boarding school in Orissa to create a classroom environment that accepts supports and encourages all children. As the best boarding school in Orissa we understand a warm and responsive early child-care environment is crucial to the healthy development of your child.

As the top boarding school in Odisha we have experience it is during the early years, that a solid foundation is laid for your child that will function for the rest of the life. Our classes are different from different from other boarding Schools in Odisha.

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Importance Of English Language For Every Boarding Schools In Odisha

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Let’s face it. You may have graduated in engineering, you might have done MBA, MCA, or any other program, yet you are not going to get a good job until you are proficient in the English language! English is not our national language, but it has taken the status of our professional language. Though English Language very much important for every students on Boarding Schools In Odisha.

After our country got independence, the government then thought that it would slowly phase out the language, but that was not the case. It remained with us as an associated language alongside other languages. Strangely, this has resulted in the hybridization of English. Indian English is known as Hinglish and Pakistani English is known as Pinglish. They are known for their strange oddities.

With the advent of call centers and globalization in India, a new form of English called the neutral English had emerged. This is more close to the American English which is globally accepted. American English remains more or less the global business language now.

When we consider the state of English in India, there is a belief that English is transformative. It is a symbol of prosperity, better life, and a way out of poverty. With such a huge aspiration associated with the English language, teachers of English language face a lot of pressure.

How English learn better in School:

The language education in the Indian education policy is more or less defined by the constitutional mandates. The NCERT recognizes this need and says that “English is a symbol quality education.

The Central Advisory Board on Education decided that there would be three languages, the mother tongue/regional language, national language and English. It is implemented both in private and government schools; however, there is a difference in the quality of education.

Now, what this means to the students is that though students are good at their core subjects they do not get jobs as they don’t have proficiency in English. Moreover, English is learnt better in the school level than in later stages. This seriously hampers the employability of these students.

This poses a serious question to the English language training in our country. Parents have to consider this fact and have to make an effort to join their children in schools that impart good English language training.

Right from the stages of elementary education, every boarding schools in Odisha have to ensure that English language is given equal importance so that students are ready in later stages of life for jobs. Enrolment Desk is a proper platform for parents to find the best schools for their children. The academic year is approaching and it is the right time for searching for that perfect boarding schools in Odisha.

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Cotton painting day at Best Boarding School in Odisha

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A playful atmosphere engulfed one of the top boarding schools in Odisha as children from kindergarten got together to create some art and craft. It was cotton painting day and students were enjoying themselves.  The activity was being conducted in this K-12 boarding school for the young ones so that they could learn while having fun in an interactive manner. Such activities are uncommon across best boarding school in Odisha. Our commitment  to being one of the top pre schools in Jharsuguda we are determined to make such activities a regular part of our students’ lives. 

In total there were 35 students that took part in the activity. The non-residential students went home with smiles on their faces while we received their thanks for being one of the top pre schools in Jharsuguda. As one of the prominent boarding schools in Jharsuguda meant that not all the children went home to their parents but we are sure that the children cannot wait to relay the experience they had to their parents. Aparnaa World School have other fun events lined up this month for the K-12 boarding school and CBSE boarding school as well. 

As one of the prominent boarding schools in Jharsuguda meant that not all the children went home to their parents but we are sure that the children cannot wait to relay the experience they had to their parents. Aparnaa World School have other fun events lined up this month for the K-12 boarding school and CBSE boarding school as well. 

What makes Aparna not only one of the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda but one of the best boarding schools in Odisha is its versatility.

It is known as a top pre school in Jharsuguda and one of the most recognisable k-12 boarding schools in the area. Apart from Kindergarten and K-12, the school also fulfils the need for a CBSE boarding school in Odisha. It was important to us to ensure that we had a CBSE boarding school so that the children studying here pass out on equal footing with those anywhere in the country.

Like this activity we conducted for the kindergarten students, we make extracurricular activities a part of our CBSE boarding school and our k-12 boarding school. Aparnaa World School take our responsibility as one of the top boarding schools in Jharsuguda and one of the most esteemed boarding schools in Odisha very seriously. 

We thank you our readers and the parents for your support and belief with which you have entrusted your children to us. We will strive every day to ensure your children feel like they are in one of the best boarding schools in Jharsuguda and one of the best boarding school in Odisha.

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Best Boarding School in Odisha shape futures of children with supportive events

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 Science exhibition on 24th nov 2018:

Best events are practiced at the best boarding school in Odisha, and that makes all the difference. Parents must always have knowledge about the various competitions and events held by the school. This ensures a much enriched nurturing of your child. Good events and activities help the child realise their own interests and skills. Aparna world school conducted a science exhibition on 24th of November 2018 because of which students got a stage to perform. Children got encouragement and help to present some amazing science projects as the previous year. Firstly the exhibition aimed at improving the brain mapping and analytical thinking power of children. Secondly, being the best boarding school in odisha they have always worked towards developing students because it helps growing better.


Art and craft exhibition on 24th nov 2018:

Having a reputation equivalent to the best boarding school in odisha, Aparna World School has always organised for events and exhibitions. These would help children develop their talents and interests in creative works. The school has provided all the scope and opportunity to their children for having a knack for all round developments. This can enhance their personalities as well. The art and craft exhibition held on 24th November 2018 was very helpful. Above all as this was another event which proved that being a best boarding school in odisha they provide performing platforms. These would help children grow well and become successful in life.


Parents teacher meeting on 24th November 2018

Every time we think of developing our child’s knowledge and depth in understanding things, we require school’s support. Conducting parent teacher meetings at regular intervals has resulted in better performances. This definitely adds to the  development of the ward. Children need the encouragements and support from all the atmospheres that they get in touch with. Most importantly, the amalgamation of the teachers and parents has always been beneficial for the child. Management and organisation of such meeting at intervals makes Aparna world school the best boarding school in odisha. All Children go to schools but a few learn the importance of education because they receive incomplete knowledge.

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Shape the leader for tomorrow with the best preschool odisha

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We all feel good when our children go to a best preschool odisha, haven’t we? We have certainly been. Generation that are yet to take over the future need proper grooming and scope. Building a better tomorrow depends on how we teach our children. Inculcating good values in our wards is essential for creating a better lifestyle for them. therefore it becomes a major part in all our lives that we send our children to one of the best preschools in Odisha.

Build better personalities with best preschool Odisha

Education is the base of all living and ensuring quality in the education a child receives makes the tough happen. At the best preschool odisha they nurture the all round talents and skills of children. Every child at Aparna world school is provided equal opportunity and scope in all activities. The main mission of good preschools is to maintain decorum and teach children the essence and beauty of a disciplined life along with the idea and knowledge about the world.

There are many best preschools in odisha yet selecting the trusted makes all difference. We can always search for reliable schools to provide maximum exposure to our children. This would definitely help them in their growing years and develop a good outgoing nature.

Know the institute

Not all claiming to be best preschool odisha is actually great but a few make sense with the best teams of faculty, staff and administration. The world is vast and yet seems small due to online accessibility and presence. Hence making use of this resource does magic to our decision making steps.

The best part of developing a child’s life is shaping their ideas and personalities which is done here at Aparna World School, one of the trusted among top and best preschools in odisha.

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Best pre boarding schools in Odisha

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Education with quality nurtures the child for better future – Be a part of best Pre Boarding Schools in Odisha

As the world moves towards newer horizons and the trends of lifestyle evolutes from the past, education gets tougher and expensive. Getting to know and trusting school for your child’s development is one important thing which also involves a lot of responsible research and knowledge about the available schools around. As parents and guidance people must know where their child will be comfortable and safe most importantly. Therefore while you want your children to get the best of knowledge and develop on overall basis, you must also look into matters as improved personality development, co-curricular activities, safety, productivity and happy times of every child when they are going for school.

Stay at ease with the best pre boarding schools in Odisha

The best boarding schools in odisha are rich in all qualities they impart to the growth and learning of the child. Something that stays back is the quality of teaching and real improvement. Shaping the child right from beginning is an essential requirement. Therefore sending your children to the best pre boarding schools in Odisha is a mandate. This should always stay with the parents that they check up on their children on regular basis. It is even better to stay in touch with the faculties as well as the school administration to know the details about their wards development.

Quality education right near you!

At Aparna World School, quality is a major criteria for all. Children are taught to respect everything and everyone in the walk of life. Modern thoughts and good grasp over the cultural roots is the key here. This has got them in the list of best pre boarding schools in Odisha. It is the matter of fact that here every student is provided equal opportunity and scope for their individual development. The schools in odisha have developed to greater heights. Education imparted in those few best pre boarding schools in Odisha is definitely the best any child can get.

Top 10 boarding schools in Odisha

Top 10 boarding schools in Odisha for the bright life of your children

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Education is definitely the root of all developments in our society.Being amongst top 10 boarding schools in Odisha that is why we ensure stability in all forms. We very often forget about the overall personality shaping ideas and all round development required for a child’s growth. The government and other involved bodies have provided full support to the schools. Infrastructural, financial, aesthetical and other needs are available at schools yet a child’s growth gets curbed in most places. Aparna world school is a one step solution for the bright future of children.

How we build bright life of your children

Students need familiar atmosphere and friendly interactions from the administration as well as staffs to grow positively. Building their self confidence and realization has always help them in being their best forms at all place. Aparna world school is an english medium school that provides equal importance to other vernacular language and culture. The school is one among the top 10 boarding schools in Odisha because they guarantee all-round development.

The parents who enrol their children into school always have positive expectations from the administration and faculties. The faculties always stay keen and interested in listening to the needs of children so that they can live better. It is an overall attempt to improve the overall skills, talents and knowledge of the child.

As one in top 10 boarding schools in Odisha, we assure excellent facility to children. The school maintains a 1:20 teacher student ratio in classrooms which enables teachers to focus better on children. Aparna world school has been continuously working towards improving quality of life and nurturing children for a better future.

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Build Better With Best Boarding Schools Odisha

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Get ready to watch them paint your kites and fly them high

Creativity and curiosity together help children build marvellous milestones in life. Providing them the right platform for the development in that direction is a must. If you have been wondering about the best boarding schools India then Aparna world school will definitely help you breathe in relief. The list on boarding schools Odisha is evident of how good is the curriculum and schedules of the school.  The kite paper pasting competition is a creative and new way to discover genuine talents in children.

Developing creativity and encouraging children

The best part of allowing your child to participate in these kite paper pasting competition is to allow the child to grow and understand the power of imagination. Despite infrastructural developments and availability of required skills boarding schools Odisha fall short of quality. Aparna world school is one of the very reliable and sophisticatedly maintained boarding schools Odisha. The school is experienced in handling students and ensuring a healthy mental, physical and moral growth of them. The kite paper pasting competition allows your child to reinvent and create colourful abstracts of a kite. This helps them in their learning by the step wise process. Unlike some other boarding schools India aparna world school has all necessary equipments to keep tracks of the overall development of all children.

Knowing your schools: research the boarding schools in India

The boarding schools India are all creating herds of sheep by obstructing natural growth and learning of children therefore knowing details of schools is important. It is difficult to have any one school that gives space for self realization as well as development in children. There are many well built and infrastructural plus points for boarding schools Odisha yet the quality of education is questionable. Thus entrusting the aparna world schools is not just safer but also wise.

Let children dream bigger and build better with best boarding schools Odisha

Come forward and join hands to secure life of our children by providing them the bests in everything at the most trusted boarding schools Odisha. It definitely has become a tough job to search the best amongst all the boarding schools India therefore what matters is reading reviews and researching as well before admitting the child into the school. The website and channels are great places to know about the top boarding schools India before any decision. Let them cut and paste paper kite for a better fly in future.