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A Keen Comparison Between Public High School and Boarding School

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As the young parents are thinking about sending their son or daughter to boarding school, Aparnaa World School offers the following suggestions and guidance from one parent to another. Now a day’s transferring from a public high school to a boarding school is a big deal for parents. But it is the biggest deal for your child. Because you literally are pulling him/her from those familiar surroundings and routines, your child has known ever since birth. While we understand that every young parents views change differently, the reality is that going off to boarding school is a very big change. With that in mind, let’s you and Aparnaa World School look at some of the things can be done to facilitate this change.

Make your child acquainted with what’s involved:
Your child should familiarize with boarding school by involving themself in the process from the beginning. In other words, don’t present the idea as though the deal is done. If your child thinks that going off to boarding school is their idea, then you are off to a good start. The main thing to understand is that your child’s frame of reference will be different from yours. They will focus on the instant changes to their familiar routine. They will have strong feelings about leaving home and their family and friends. They won’t be thinking for future or about the benefits which a boarding school education can provide her

Aparnaa World School advises that you engage an experienced educational consultant right from the beginning of your boarding school search process. The consultant’s expertise will assure you that the schools to which you apply are indeed good fit with your child needs and requirements. After all, you want your child to be happy in her new school.
Alleviate their fears:

Parents understand that teenagers can and will make mountains out of anthill. So, listen and let them know that you are listening. Offer advice and if they don’t want to receive your very sound advice, then find a family member or friend who is very friendly to offer that advice. Remember that a prophet is without honor in his own country, meaning that your message may be right, but your child is not receiving it. They will listen to somebody else whom they consider is impartial.

They will be less anxious about going off to boarding school if you can show them things which will please them, such as having their own horse at school or a fine swimming pool in which to swim. If They takes music lessons, arrange a meeting with their new teacher. Take them to a concert to hear their new instructor perform or give them a recording of the new teacher.
Alleviate any health concerns before they become real concerns. For example, if they take medications or have a chronic ailment, explain how they will have a health professional to turn to on campus 24/7. Essentially what you want to do is eliminate as many of your child’s concerns as you can. Once you do that, all they have to do is focus on their schoolwork and their new friends. They can make the transition from public to boarding school a smooth process for them with some thought and care in anticipating their views

Accentuate the positive:
Mollifying a child out of the nest is a process. Take your time. Think through what you will do and say to make your child comfortable with leaving home. After all, that is all they have known for the past fourteen or fifteen years. They have a routine. They have family and friends. They probably have had the same classmates for the last ten years. And now you want to pull them from everything they know and love?
We think you can see where we are going with this process. You must start several years in advance. Highlight the positive aspects of a residential school. Start with things they really enjoy, such as a sport or an activity. As we mentioned before, if he/she is a rider, take them to an equestrian event at a boarding school. Let the admissions staff know in advance so that they can surprise them with a tour of the stables and the rest of the school facilities. Gradually they become comfortable with the idea of leaving home and going to a residential school. Boarding schools have so much to offer their students. But you have to take the lead and show them over a period of a year or so what those advantages for them are.

Boarding school athletic programs offer a wide variety of sports with superb facilities to match. Boarding schools can do so thanks to the magnanimity of their alumni who appreciate what their schools have done for them. Take them to a game. Expose them to the richness of boarding school athletic programs most of which use their teachers as coaches.
The same approach applies to extracurricular activities. Boarding schools offer tons of activities which are supervised by the teachers. Public schools tend to cut back on athletics and extracurricular activities due to financial constraints. Boarding schools tend to do the opposite. They will enhance their existing programs and even add new ones as market conditions warrant. Read More

Grandparents Day Celebration

Your child should be ready for boarding schools

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The decisiveness of sending your child to the boarding school is the great decision for your child. There are lots of folk tale about the boarding schools, and for a child going to a boarding school can be a torment, in that case, there are certain points which can help you to make your child Boarding School Ready:

Be friendly with your child:

Talk to your child about how they are spending time at school whether they are animated, eager or both. Try to convince your child that the feelings are normal and every child feels the same. Even if you as a parent is grappling with the idea of your child going away to school, try to be positive and ebullient when interacting with your child.

Benevolent your child: Let your child know that what you are doing is good for their future and you love them the most. Ensure them that you are sending them to their good future and it will help them to have a shining future and will make them individualistic.

Longing for home: It is not just about missing the home but it is also about the lack of love and care which they feel at the boarding school, so being a parent it is most important that at least during the initial months of joining the boarding school, Parents should present them with keepsakes that he/she can take along and safeguard them that they are just a call away from them.

Make them friendly with the environment:

Not every child is same so prepare your child to make friends which will be like the family at the boarding school. Introduce your child to their school mates in front of you so that he/she will be comfortable with them at your absence.

Nourishing Learning Habits:

Talk to your child about the nourishing learning habits as they are away from home so that they will embrace healthy habits which will make them feel good mentally and physically. Before leaving from home teach them healthy eating, making their bed, managing their time and getting good sleep.


Optimum Quality Educational Services and a Friendly Environment, Aparnaa School

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We all are aware of that every parents send their child to school in order to give them proper education. But many parents prefer boarding schools for their children so as to provide them a qualitative and effective education. In the current scenario, many boarding schools have been opened in odisha, but Aparnaa school is considered as one of the best academic boarding school because of its premium quality education.

At Aparnaa school, every student gets an opportunity to learn and enhance their own skills. Here the teachers are highly trained and qualified. They always give their best effort to train and educate each and every student. They first try to understand the mind and interest of each student and then train them accordingly in the respective fields. These all features makes the aparnaa school as top rated boarding school.

The aparnaa school is also well known for participating their students in the extracurricular activities. Here the students are allowed to participate in sports, debate, painting competition, etc.
Aparnaa school also prepares every student for their university life as well as train them how to face challenges. Here the students learn their own responsibilities as they are not living in their home. They does everything by themselves like dress ironing, making bed, etc. In boarding school, there are no televisions and phones. So they get a better learning environment. The aparnaa school is a very child friendly school.

Because of its optimum quality educational services and a friendly environment, Aparnaa School is considered as one of the best residential school. At aparnaa school,we can assure every parents to provide their children a best career as well as helps to improve the growth of their analytic skills. We always give our best effort to enhance each and every child’s career growth as well as personal skills growth. The students those who have studied in Aparnaa School always holds its memories within them. Aparnaa School always try to improve their educational system to the next level in order to provide better facilities for the students.

How to Get Your Children Involved in Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja

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Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most famous Hindus festival with significant importance. From younger people to older ones, everyone tends to celebrate this festival with full of joy. Particularly, children will show much interest in celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi due to the range of activities involved in this festival. And many Top boarding schools also organize Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and various events to make the students understand about the importance of this festival. Here we have listed a few ideas through which you can make your children involve in Ganesh Pooja celebrations.

Clay Ganesh Idol

As per the Hindu traditions, we have to offer prayers to the Ganesh idol which has to be disposed of into the water body. Hence many experts suggest using an eco-friendly Ganesh statue to celebrate the environment-friendly festival. Instead of buying Ganesh idol made of Plaster of Paris and other chemicals, it is better to offer prayers to the Ganesh idol made of clay. Explain your children about the importance of using Eco-friendly Ganesh idol and how to do that. Many of the top boarding schools in Odisha also organize workshops on creating clay Ganesh idols to encourage students to make their own idol for Pooja.

Decorating Ganesh Puja platform/ room:

According to the legends sayings, we have to decorate the Ganesh Pooja mandap with various fruits and sweets because Lord Ganesh likes those a lot. You have to decorate mandap with different decorative items. Ask your children to try making some kind of chocolate, sweet or any item they can. Try to involve your children in decorating the mandap where Ganesh idol is placed. Children always like to help you in making things. So, let them give a try on this auspicious day. Give different types of papers and ask your children to make something innovative and attractive. Guide them and support them in doing what they want to do. As watercolours are easily washable, you can also ask your children to draw some outlines and pain with brushes.

Teach simple chants and Bhajans

Chants plays a major role in Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja. Many top boarding schools these days are teaching chants and Bhajans to children and explaining the meaning of that to them.

We, at Aparna World School, celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in our school every year. We will make the children understand the importance of participating in Poojas which helps them to achieve their career goals.

standard boarding school education

Individualistic Learning Environment at Boarding Schools

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Youngsters are now days have evolved from the evocative happening of the standard boarding school education pattern; here they had to study only the scholastic books. They have started to learn a lot more than what is already in their academic books.

This is dominant in the long run as there is a scope for freethinking education for them.

The same is happening in a boarding school, the freethinking -leaning environment licenses them to explore their talents and also they will love to investmore time in those activates in which they are proficient at.

To do these boarding schools have a programme of study designed in such a way that the co-curricular activates and academics are equally significant.

Because of that the career desires are not limited to just the course related subjects. The learning habitat in the boarding schools improves the hidden processing as well as change the thought route of the children. Studies have shown that students in boarding school are more unusual and pry about science and art as compared to the day boarders. The kids can traverse and invest time in the domain in which they are good at and the subjects which engross them. This environment helps to foster the visionary and creative minds in them.

This standard of boarding schools has made education fun rather than being a cargo and pressure on the students.

The unique part is that they have started touring various fields on their own. They can tackle the power of the squint and the mentors.

In this changing world where the manpower would be replaced by the industrial machinery, what actually would last is anoriginal mind. And boarding schools are there to feed and nurture them.

Why parents prefer to send their kids to boarding school?

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top boarding school in indiaIn the current era, parents prefer to send their children to boarding school so as to give proper education to them. Boarding Schools is a preliminary institution where the students live together and study in a safe and protected environment. It is a very wonderful opportunity for the students to obtain a premium quality education and enhance their life skills.

Boarding School caters a variety of advantages to students. It will develop your child as well as will also teach your child on how to understand their own priorities. In a boarding school, lots of activities, games and programs are done on daily basis in order to develop the mind of a child and improve their interpersonal skills. Here the children do all the works by themselves like waking up in the morning, doing their own laundry, preparing their bedding, etc. The students are allowed to bring about their true potential and enjoy the scope of real independence. As they are not staying in their own house, it is necessary for them to learn how to live with trust, and give respect to their companions in an environment of full freedom. Hence, there is a bright future for the boarding school students as they can get strong academics knowledge, face challenges as well as also improve their personal growth. These skills are very much essential for a student to build up a successful career and achieve their goals.

There are many boarding schools available in Odisha but Aparna World School is considered as one of the top residential schools in Odisha due its additional advantageous features. It is a Day Boarding School in Odisha. Here the teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to their work. Children are allowed to get involved in many extracurricular activities like playing sports, participating in the quiz competition, music, painting and many more. Aparna World School also conduct summer programs for the children. Outstanding learning facility is provided here to each and every child along with they are also uniquely prepared for future success. Here most of the faculty lives inside the school premises which make them approachable to the children at every time.

What makes Aparna World School theBest Boarding schools in India is the optimum quality and proper accuracy of advising with extraordinary necessities that help the students to learn more effectively. Hence, now it’s an opportunity to release the ability of your talent, give wings to his desires and let him fly to pursue his/her goals.

National Sports Day Organised by Aparnaa World School, Jharsuguda On 29th Aug 2018

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National Sports Day

National Sports Day Organised by Aparnaa World School, Jharsuguda on 29th Aug 2018

On the Occasion of National Sports Day, Aparnaa World School hosted A National Level Football Seminar.

Our Dignitaries:


Welcome address by Mehboob Mahtab

Report: Susanta Behera, President State Sports Journalist Association, Odisha

Jeeban Mohanty: Working President

Susil Mishra: Dist Sports Officer

Sanjiv Pattanaik: GM(PR) , Vedanta

Md Jabbar: Footbal Coach

Md Jahid: Commandant OSAP, 2nd Bat.

Tapas Ray Choudhury: General Secretary, District Athletic Association

Pitabas Misha: Editor Utkal Mail and President Odisha Working Journalist Association




How do Schools Celebrating Independence Day on August 15?

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Independence dayEvery Indian across the world will celebrate Independence Day on August 15th of every year to salute the freedom fighters who has played major role in achieving freedom. From educational institutions, government organizations to private organizations, every organization in India will host the flag on this day. Particularly, the boarding schools which hold many new age Indians in its premises will organize Independence Day celebrations to educate the children about the greatness of the country.

Flag Hosting in Boarding Schools in Odisha

Independence Day celebrations in schools will starts with the flag hosting flowed by the cultural programs, inspirational speeches of freedom fighters to encourage and inspire the children and sweets distribution to share happiness. All the students and teachers will gather together in a open area where the flag will be hosted by the principle/ correspondent of schools. After that, the person who hosted the flag will deliver inspirational speeches to let the children understand the problems faced by Indians before independence.

Organize Events and Competitions

Teachers of the schools will encourage students to come up with new ideas for the events and games. And also support them in learning new skills by organizing various competitions including sports competition, drama competition, dance and quiz competitions etc. The students who won in the competitions will be awarded with various prizes along with certificate from the principle or correspondent of the school.

Other Events includes

The drill masters will train the students and help the students in performing March-past with the drill playing loud and tri-color flag, flying high. March-past drill will be a tribute to our greatest motherland – India. Following the flag hosting and speech from the teachers, there will be dance programs of cultural songs, drams or skits and various other events.
Aparnaa World School organized Independence Day celebrations to help the students about the importance of Independence Day. The student-friendly teachers at the boarding schools supported all the students to participate in events and distributed prizes to the winners.

How Books Fairs Help Students in Achieving Career Goals

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Learning is a vital process in everyone’s life which facilitates their development. Particularly, students have to learn including academics, communication skills, and other life skills. To help the students in achieving more in the process of acquiring knowledge, Day schools and Boarding schools implement different strategies. Most common strategy among all those is – Book Fair which is a gathering of various kinds of various kinds of new and old books.

Book fairs are the exhibitions that hold especially books. These can be standalone events or can be part of a larger event to make new books available for the students. Book fairs offer numerous benefits to the students and help them in many ways throughout their journey of achieving academic and life goals. Books fairs hold a range of books of subjects such as poems, geography, novels, history, mysteries, arts and stories among others.

Many of the best educational intuitions organize Book fairs to provide students with a feast of books that can motivate them. Interested students can walk to the Books fair, browse through various books written by most famous authors and choose the topics that captivate them the most. Moreover, Book fairs offer the aspiring writers a decent opportunity for motivation towards their aim of becoming an author.

Book fairs will help them to learn the process of approaching publishers and publishing books. Some Book fairs will also let the students meet their favorite authors, interact and take suggestions from them. By reading various books written by different writers, students can discover new information, ideas and a way of thinking which will help them in solving problems. Consequently, the habit of reading books results in a sharpening of memory and enlarging the learning capacity of the student. Book fairs also let the students find books which are difficult to allocate or out of print.

Aparnaa World School has organized a book fair on August 11, 2018, to help the students find most interesting books which will help them learn new things. Book fair organized by boarding school brings together books enthusiasts, authors, and publishers and gives students an opportunity to interact with them.


Make Your Children Learn Skills By Asking These Simple Questions

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learn skillsSpeaking, listening and understanding are the three main skills everyone should learn. Not only while studying, these skills play a major role throughout the life. Be it while studying in English medium school and college, working in companies or personal life, these skills impacts every aspect of life. Particularly, kids feel much difficulty while interacting and speaking in front of others. It might be due to the shy feeling or any other reasons. The best way to build this solid foundation for speaking skills to your children is to listen to your children.

Ask Children different to let them speak and listen to them.

What are you thinking?

After listening to this question, your child will try to say something, a few words or sentences. Listen to their answer and follow up with various questions such as “can you tell me more about that? what led you to do that? or what led you to that conclusion? Forecasting real conversations will help the children to open up by overcoming the challenges.

Which Movie You Like the Most?

Everyone found of movies. When we ask about movies, no one can restrain themselves from responding. So, try to ask your child about their favorite actor, favorite movie name, dialogue and why he/she likes that a lot. By doing this, you can interact with your children in a friendly manner, know about their preferences and interests clearly.

What is your aim?

Everyone will have their own aims and goals and always tries to express their aims to others. So, this question alongside making them speak, gives an idea of what your child wants to achieve. By knowing your child vision, you can help them by providing the resources they need to achieve that goals and encourage them.
However, the skilled and interactive teachers at our english medium school – Aparnaa World School will interact with your children in a friendly manner. They will implement many strategies that can help your children learn speaking skills.